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10 leftist groups to keep your eyes on

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We love resources. Infographics, tutorials, and lists are our favorites when they offer patriotic American conservatives information to help them maneuver properly through our increasingly progressive society. World Net Daily delivers today’s list worth bookmarking.

Their post, titled Top 10 leftist groups wreaking havoc across U.S., gives you a glance of the 10 groups to watch. Here they are:

  1. Workers World Party
  2. Color of Change
  3. Onward Together
  4. Indivisible
  6. Antifa
  7. By Any Means Necessary, or BAMN
  8. UltraViolet
  9. Industrial Workers of the World
  10. Organizing for Action

Jump to their list directly and bookmark it, share it, and most importantly stay on the lookout for their antics.

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