Rick Santorum: The Only Safe Bet for Republicans

Rick Santorum

Let’s look at the general sentiment coming from Republican voters and Fox News talking heads:

  1. Mitt Romney is part of the problem that Republicans hate when it comes to health care and other issues. His conservative credentials are weak.
  2. Newt Gingrich has skeletons in his closet that rival Herman Cain. As Ann Coulter points out, Gingrich would lose 49 out of 50 states to Obama.
  3. Ron Paul is insane.
  4. Michele Bachmann is insane on a different level.
  5. Rick Perry is dumber than George W. Bush.
  6. Everyone else is unimportant.

Rick Santorum fit into the last category until this week. Through sheer will (and the fact that every waking moment has been spent for weeks on winning Iowa), he has emerged as the #3 guy in Iowa and is rising fast. How did the man who was a distant 6th two weeks ago position himself so well?

The truth is, he didn’t. He’s simply the NR-NR (Not Romney, Not Ron) in the right place at the right time. He may also be the only conservative who can go up against Barack Obama. Why? Because he’s clean (as far as we know). He hasn’t waffled. He hasn’t cheated on his wife. He isn’t trying to legalize drugs. He doesn’t defer to his husband. He can remember 3 things in a list when trying to make a point.

Finally, he’s starting to be listened to by the media and the voters.

Why the GOP Cannot Allow SOPA to Pass


If SOPA/PIPA passes through congress next year, it will be the most damaging piece of legislature since the Patriot Act. Tech-savvy Americans know this. When it comes closer to a vote, the mainstream media will pick up on the outcry that is already being screamed by many prominent websites and online voices. Battle lines will be drawn and there is a very good chance that Hollywood money mixed with Washington DC ignorance will prevail and pass the bill.

At that point, a hero will emerge. A shining beacon of American liberty will pick up the torch and blaze his way to a second term as President of the United States by vetoing the bill.

If SOPA passes in Congress, Obama will veto it and have a guaranteed victory regardless of who the Republicans are able to muster as a competitor.

There’s a huge difference between Barack Obama and others in Washington. There’s an even greater difference between Obama’s campaign team and the campaign teams of his GOP rivals. Obama and his campaign staff “get” the internet and its importance better than just about anyone else holding political power. They used it masterfully in 2008 to defeat Hillary Clinton (they didn’t need it to beat John McCain) and the balls are rolling towards bigger and better things for the Obama campaign online and through social media in 2012.

According to Arik Hesseldahl at AllThingsD, “Obama‚Äôs stance on the issue perhaps hints at an aversion to any significant changes in the status quo of the Internet, which suggests he would likely veto any version of SOPA or PIPA that reaches his desk.”

Passing SOPA will create a steamroller for Obama. All he has to do is veto it, and he will. Why? Because he listens to the public outcry (usually). Because he doesn’t need the money that Hollywood is waiving. Because he’s (apparently) the only one not dumb enough to fall into the SOPA trap.

Because he’s not a moron. Apparently, most in Washington are.

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JD RuckerJD is the voice of technology and social media for Conservative Haven and is Editor at Soshable, a Social Media Blog. He is a husband and father of 3 living in Southern California.

Is China the Greatest Threat to the US Economy?

Chinese Flag

With less than a year before the Presidential election and with the first GOP caucus in Iowa just around the corner, the US economy is a hot topic of discussion in the media and by all of the candidates. We look at jobs, the value of the dollar, national debt, and other factors when discussing the economic threats that stunt growth and expose weakness. Is the biggest threat coming from abroad? Should China be the focus point of most of the candidates’ economic discussions?

The largest country in the world has its own challenges but they appear to be in a general upswing that’s growing faster than the US since both countries were hit hard by the 2008 worldwide recession. They have major infrastructure problems that have kept the country from developing as fast as it grows, but there’s one thing that makes this something that they can overcome.

Their workforce is huge. Everyone knows that they have a lot more people in the country, but few realize that the labor force itself is a higher percentage of their population than any developed country. They have 4.27 times as many people as the United States, but their workforce is over 5.29 times larger than the US. This is due to a higher percentage of residents working – 49% of US residents are working compared to 61% of Chinese residents working. They get less schooling but are able to start working and earning at a much earlier age.

One might ask, “How is their success a threat to the US economy?” This comes down to Economics 101. Today, China and the US have a variation of a symbiotic relationship. We need their cheap labor and inexpensive products to keep prices of merchandise low. They need the revenue they receive from our purchases and contracts to keep money flowing in. It has worked well for decades.

The atmosphere is changing. Their own internal buying power is increasing as is the demand for their own products and services. The US rise to power in the early part of last century was based on our ability to be self-sufficient, but we’ve grown beyond that now. We have to import. China is experiencing the same sort of internalization that allows them to rely less and less on exporting. In other words, they’re gaining the ability to buy the products they produce. This can be seen in the moves they’ve made in recent years, most notably the raising of tariffs on US-built automobiles last week.

The scariest part of the whole thing is that there is no solution proposed by any of the GOP candidates or the current administration that addresses this issue properly.

This infographic by Mint breaks down the numbers surrounding the threat from the east.

Click to enlarge.

China US Economy

Quote of the Night Came from Ron Paul

Ron Paul

“Fortunately for the Republican Party this year, probably anybody up here could beat Obama,” Paul said during the debate. “So the challenge isn’t all that great on how we’re going to beat Obama. I think he’s beating himself.”

Here are the videos from the debate. In Part 1, you can hear Paul make his bold statement at the 4:34 mark.

Overall, the debates were an attack on Newt Gingrich. The media and conservatives across the nation are highlighting him as the person they do not want to see going up against Obama. Will it be enough to give Romney or Paul Iowa?

Gingrich: “I like where we are now”

Gingrich Think

One of the most asinine attacks currently being levied upon Newt Gingrich is that he is not a true conservative. It’s a desperate move by his GOP competitors, Mitt Romney in particular, as way to try to derail the momentum he has been building up the last couple of weeks ahead of the Iowa caucus.

As he points out while answering questions in Iowa, he has had a 90% American Conservative Union voting record for two decades. It’s a record that few in his party can claim and one that clearly tips his conservative hand when it come to policy. Trying to deny this is, as Gingrich puts it, a lie.

When asked about the polls that are showing him behind President Obama in a head-to-head race, Gingrich reminds us that Ronald Reagan was in a similar position against Jimmy Carter in 1979 and that “I like where we are now.”

Here’s the video from CBS News:

Newt is “Unreliable” According to Romney

Romney Gingrich

There was a clear message in Romney’s recent interview on CBS News: Newt Gingrich is unreliable.

With the Iowa caucus just over a couple of weeks away, Romney is going on the offensive and directly attacking the current GOP frontrunner with attacks on his character, his record, and his wealth. This is a step away from his long-time strategy of attacking President Obama rather than responding to his GOP rivals.

“I think Speaker Gingrich has lived in Washington for the last 30 years,” Romney said. “He went to Washington to do good and he stayed to do well.”

This was a jab at Gingrich’s $1.6 million payout from failed mortgage giant Freddie Mac.

As the CBS anchor points out at the end, it’s “Two wealthy men calling each other rich.”

* * *

Sal McCloskeySal brings a moderate voice to Conservative Haven. He is a tech blogger in the heart of Silicon Valley but doesn’t get to go to too many parties anymore.

As Newt’s Popularity Grows, Fear From Liberal Media Starts to Show


The liberal media is going after Newt Gingrich from every angle they can think of and it’s being fueled by Romney and other GOP candidates.

As the Iowa caucus looms, everyone from CNN to IBTimes is going after Gingrich with a passion they haven’t had since George W Bush was running for a second term. With nothing spectacular to focus upon like Herman Cain’s female foibles, editorials are appearing across the internet on front pages of major publications spewing opinions attacking the GOP frontrunner.

Why is the media so afraid of Gingrich? Common sense would say that he is a weaker candidate against Obama than Romney would be due to his tainted past, but the media is defending Obama’s turf by lobbing rockets over at Gingrich prematurely. If they don’t stop, they might (gulp) help Romney win the nomination.

Current polls show that Romney is positioned more favorably head-to-head with Obama than Gingrich.

Does the media know something the polls do not? Do they see Gingrich’s strength in debates as something that would challenge a teleprompter-reliant Obama? Could his words reach the American people with more force than Romney’s if going head-to-head with Obama? Is the media plotting?

No. The media is simply dumb (as a whole). Their attacks on Gingrich are self-serving and short-sighted. He’s the most newsworthy of the candidates. He’s a Republican. Those two credentials make him the most attack-worthy. In the long run, it doesn’t help their goal of keeping Obama for a second term, but the media is about today. It’s about now. It’s about putting out sharable content that can generate pageviews regardless if it hurts their overall goal of an Obama re-election.

They do fear Gingrich. They fear him more than they fear Romney. This fear is driving them to make poor choices on the editorial side.

If Romney wins November, 2012, it will be because the media is being stupid in December, 2011.

Obama: “It’s going to take more than one term.”

Obama on 60 Minutes

In the interview that aired on 60 Minutes December 11, 2011, Steve Kroft asked President Barack Obama, “Did you over-promise? Did you underestimate how difficult this was going to be?”

His response was consistent with what he has been saying since the campaign truly started heating up. In a minor gaffe that wasn’t insinuating what some are implying, he said, “It’s going to take more than one term. It’s probably going to take more than one president.”

We assume that he means that recovery will still be necessary beyond his second term if he is elected.

Here’s the interview in 2 parts. At the 9:57 mark of the second video, the important question was asked.

Update: As user Louis Bernard pointed out, this hasn’t been his stance all along. In a 2009 interview on The Today Show, Obama stated that he had 3 years to make it happen or it would be “a one term proposition.”

Mitt Romney’s Bet: Overblown or Major Gaffe?

Mitt Romney Bet

Everyone from the Twittersphere to mainstream media is talking about the $10,000 bet that Mitt Romney tried to make with Rick Perry during the Iowa GOP Presidential debate on December 10. Here’s the video:

Is this a real issue or is it being blown out of proportions? Either way, is it enough to derail the former front-runner of the GOP race? Post your opinions here.

The Obama Presidency By The Numbers

Obama Presidency by the Numbers

The last 3 years have seen some amazing things happen in the world of American politics. We have a Nobel-Prize-winning President who has made surprisingly few changes in the way that Washington DC runs. The world views us just as poorly (if not more so) than it did under the “hated” regime of George W. Bush. Our allies in Israel are skeptical of our position regarding their future and how it is intertwined with our own. Elsewhere in the Middle East, leaders are daring us to do something, anything, to try to stop their goals.

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