Republicans vs Democrats: How Each Party Views the Role of Science

Science and Politics

As Florida, one of America’s hubs for scientific exploration through NASA, goes to the polls today to decide on their choice for the GOP candidate, let’s take a look at how each party as well as Independents view science.

In this graphic by AssayDepot, we learn some things that most assume but there are surprises in there as well. For example, while Republicans have the strongest view of the positive effects of science on society, fewer are willing to consider the government’s investment into research as “essential.”

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Political Parties and Science

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Dear Rick Santorum Voters in Florida: Make Your Vote Count

Rick Santorum Voters

The future of the country is at stake and right now, going into Tuesday’s Florida Primary, our fate is tied into one specific group of people: Rick Santorum supporters. Mitt Romney appears poised to take Florida and go into February with likely sweeps of all states that month. The election is made or broken on Tuesday.

Rick Santorum, as strong as he is, cannot win. His ideas are stout. His supporters are tenacious. He has a place as either the Vice President or the Secretary of State if he cancels his candidacy and supports Newt Gingrich in time.

That time is now.

A Mitt Romney candidacy is tantamount to an Obama second-term. Santorum supporters must vote for Newt Gingrich on Tuesday. It is not the time for a “statement” vote. It’s time to make a vote that counts. We support Rick Santorum, but Newt Gingrich is the next-best choice and the only one who has a chance of stopping Mitt Romney and the Republican Establishment from blowing another election by putting up a Dole/McCain moderate as our champion.

Remembering Mitt Romney’s Flips and Flops

Mitt Romney

The fate of the country rests in Florida and will be determined Tuesday. It appears that Floridians are leaning towards Mitt Romney. This would be a huge mistake.

Lest we forget, Mitt Romney cannot beat Barack Obama. The Republican Establishment appears dead-set to put another Dole/McCain moderate on the fast-track to face Obama because they simply do not understand how presidential elections work in this day and age. The video below, put together by someone supporting Ron Paul (who would be equally disastrous as the GOP candidate), points to one of Romney’s major flaws that will be exploited by Obama’s campaign team over and over again if Florida sends him up as the candidate: flip-flopping.

If you live in Florida or know someone who does, please get this over to them. Mitt Romney is a good business man. He would make an excellent adviser or cabinet member. He should not be the GOP nominee for President.

Why @RickSantorum Should do the “Right” Thing for His Country Before the Florida Primary

Rick Santorum Should Back Down

It isn’t often that I agree with my liberal cohort in Washington DC Annapolis, Lorie Wimble, but we’re (almost) thinking along the same lines on the issue of Rick Santorum helping Barack Obama. It should be noted that I absolutely support Rick Santorum and would love nothing more than to see him in the White House. However, sometimes the right thing to do is to ensure that a conservative has the best chance to win. In this case, that conservative is Newt Gingrich.

Love him or hate him, he’s the only conservative with a chance of taking on Barack Obama. If Santorum does not back down before the Florida primary, he will be doing his party and his country a disservice by giving the nomination to Mitt Romney.

Depending on the poll, Santorum is either 3rd or 4th right now in Florida. This election year has proven that fortunes change quickly but there’s simply not enough time to make up the difference. He’s pulling votes from Gingrich, the candidate closest to Romney in Florida, and is therefore making it a near-certainty that Romney will get the nomination as he prepares to sweep the February primaries. A loss for Gingrich in Florida will eliminate the only hope left to take on Obama in November.

Romney cannot beat Obama and Santorum cannot beat Romney. Gingrich has a chance to beat both of them. Santorum needs to remove his ego from the equation before Tuesday or he’ll be dooming his own country to the fate of four more Obama years. As much as I would love to see Santorum make the conservative changes that are necessary to save the country, Gingrich is the next best thing. They are splitting the conservative vote and despite a win in Iowa, Santorum has zero chance of getting the nomination.

Rick, do the “right” thing. Drop out, support Gingrich, and get ready to become Secretary of State.

Santorum is Strengthening Obama’s Chances for Re-Election

Rick Santorum Thumb

Read the conservative response (which sort of agrees with me!) in this open letter to Rick Santorum.

The only candidate who truly scares me is looking more and more likely to lose the Florida primary and therefore the GOP candidacy thanks in part to Rick Santorum. Despite Mitt Romney’s strong poll numbers against Obama, it’s easy to see that he will be steamrolled by the Obama train once attentions turn to the national race.

Santorum was the only wildcard that could have changed the face of the election had he backed down before the Florida primary. While Gingrich would still be a longshot to take on Obama, he’s much-better qualified than Romney to take on the President head-to-head in debates and his trademark big ideas that often confuse and “inspire” Americans desperate for proposed changes (even those without substance such as putting a colony on the moon in 9 years) could have swayed some moderate voters.

As Charlie Rose points out in a report about Romney’s rise Florida, “It is said in Chicago where they are running the Obama campaign that they’re so giddy that they want to run naked in Millennium Park.”

This has been an exceptionally-weak pool for the GOP. We laughed when Trump looked like a potential candidate. We laughed harder when Bachmann, then Perry, then Cain took leads in the polls. Gingrich is laughable as well, but Romney is the biggest joke of them all because his position as the pure representation of “the 1%” makes his candidacy irrelevant once he wins Florida, sweeps the February primaries, and walks right into the Obama campaign trap. This isn’t a call for complacency, but it does allow us a temporary sigh of relief.

With Santorum sticking with it, Gingrich appears to be fading out of contention. The Democratic party should thank him. I know I do.

* * *

Lorie WimbleLorie is a mother of 2 and is the voice of liberals for Conservative Haven. She lives in Annapolis, MD, and volunteers for the President Barack Obama Re-Election Committee.

The Drudge Report is Doing Whatever it can to Give Obama a Second Term

Drudge Report

For a “conservative” news aggregator, the Drudge Report is doing its best impersonation of a liberal mainstream media opinion-sculptor as the clear lean towards the “Republican Establishment Candidacy” of Mitt Romney. This goes against the what the largest chunk of Republican voters want and it’s only one piece of the anti-Newt puzzle.

What is it about Romney that makes so many conservative publications, influencers, and analysts support him? Is the Republican Establishment really that scared of their own ideas that they are willing to support someone who hasn’t pushed for them in the past? Are they serious about attacking Obamacare, something that Romney has zero credibility to accomplish? Is the vote of moderates so important to them that they’ll turn their back on the conservative base?

Drudge WivesTo the right, you’ll see a carefully-crafted and impeccably-placed set of two articles that declare “news” of the wives in play. Even the images are well-chosen to give the impression that one candidate is moving up and one candidate is on his way out. It’s a despicable display of lack of journalistic standards from a publication that makes its money influencing the very base that it has turned its back on.

Florida is the last hope for the country. With little chance of Santorum or Paul breaking through to the top, Gingrich is the last conservative who has a chance to win the GOP nomination. Despite 32% of Republican voters supporting him nationwide versus 24% supporting Romney, the Republican Establishment led by Drudge, Fox News, and Romney’s cronies in Washington are trying to shift the balance of power over to the Massachusetts moderate. They aren’t interested in running with someone who displays the type of leadership that Republican voters want. They are only interested in trying once again to put a John McCain or a Bob Dole up as their horse of the year.

It didn’t work then and it won’t work now. Newt Gingrich is the only GOP candidate who has what it takes to beat Obama as well as a chance to win the nomination. Romney has neither the skills nor the track record to win in November, assuring a 2nd term for Obama.

The Republican Establishment Should Stop Being “Pragmatic” and Start Listening to its Base

Gallup Republican Poll

There are two elements at work in the nation and through Florida in particular right now that are counteracting each other. On one hand, you have Fox News, Republican strategists, and the left-leaning mainstream media doing whatever it can to make Mitt Romney the GOP choice to go against Barack Obama in November. On the other hand, you have the largest chunk of Republican voters nationwide supporting Newt Gingrich.

If the Republican establishment could get out of its own way and listen to the voice of its base, we have an opportunity to have someone we can passionately stand behind and rally around against Obama instead of another Bob Dole or John McCain moderate who simply cannot win once the full force of Obama’s campaign team takes aim.

It’s happened in the past. Those who think they know what’s best for the party work behind the scenes to get the endorsements for the candidate they feel can win the moderates on both sides of center. This year’s weak contender is Romney. He has a nice smile, decent debate skills, and proved that he could win in one of the most liberal states in the union. There’s nothing wrong with him. There’s simply not enough right with him.

Gingrich is far from perfect. His reputation as someone who “thinks big” is, for some reason, being positioned as a negative. He has been in the center of turmoil for the last two decades and has character flaws that terrify moderates who want a safer path towards removing Obama from the White House. Their thinking is backwards. What the Republican party and the country in general needs is someone who is fearless, intellectually-driven, and willing to do whatever it takes to pull the country from the precipice.

In the latest Gallup poll, Gingrich is leading 32% to 24% over Romney amongst likely Republican voters. These are the numbers that the Republican Establishment should be looking at rather than listening to their experts who say Romney is the better choice to get the votes from the middle. In the last three decades, we’ve proven time and time again that big-idea Republicans can win while moderate-appeasing token candidates do not.

Let’s take a look at the past 3 decades:

  • 1980: Ronald Reagan was a true conservative who was able to bridge the gap to the left through big ideas.
  • 1984: Reagan’s success fueled the simple question, “Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?”
  • 1988: George H.W. Bush won against a weak candidate and from the momentum of a country that witnessed what conservative principals could do for the US.
  • 1992: Bush lost when moderate choices on taxes rallied the country against him. We read his lips and didn’t like what they were really saying.
  • 1996: A true Gingrich-style conservative should have been able to easily win against the lukewarm success that Bill Clinton had in his first term. Instead, we had Bob Dole as our champion. It was a major opportunity squandered by the Republican Establishment.
  • 2000: George W. Bush ran and won through the support of a conservative base that rallied behind his ideas.
  • 2004: The war on terror and a weak Democratic candidate helped keep Bush in office as the “lesser of two evils” despite a brand of moderate economic policies that would have tanked him had the circumstances been different.
  • 2008: Again, the Republican Establishment felt their weaknesses and put up a moderate in McCain against a far-left candidate. The results have been disastrous for the country.

Any time the GOP has stopped trying to win through moderation, they have succeeded. The only moderate victory was 2004 (in 2000, we still saw Bush as a conservative) and it was based on circumstance rather than substance.

To Fox News, GOP experts, and the meddlers in the mainstream media who fear a Gingrich presidency, please get out of the way. The country is ready to be bold again. The country needs to be strong again. Obama has weakened us. Romney will not do much better.

Gingrich is our best chance for turning the country around. The Republican voters around the country know it. Why won’t the Republican Establishment listen to its own base?

* * *

JD RuckerJD is the voice of technology and social media for Conservative Haven and is Editor at Soshable, a Social Media Blog. He is a husband and father of 3 living in Southern California.

Gingrich Win in South Carolina Makes Florida the “Tie Breaker”

Gingrich Wins South Carolina

Ronald Reagan was the last nominee to lose in South Carolina. Every candidate since has won South Carolina and either Iowa or New Hampshire, which makes this a special year that pushes the nomination process further than most expected just a week ago when everyone other than the nominees and their supporters were proclaiming Romney the nominee-in-waiting.

Florida now becomes the “must-win” for the four remaining candidates. Even Ron Paul, who has yet to win but still possesses the most passionate base, could make the race ever-more interesting with a first- or second-place showing in Florida, giving him the drive and momentum to mount a potential independent run if he doesn’t capture the GOP nomination. For Gingrich, Santorum, and Romney, Florida is now the place that will set the tone for the rest of the campaign period.

This is going to be the hardest-fought GOP race in decades. It has been uglier than most already and will only get worse over the coming weeks. Florida is the tie-breaker. The winner will be in the driver’s seat even with a weakened delegation in Florida this year. Normally awarded 99 delegates, they are only getting 50 this year because they broke the rules and moved their primary up to January 31st. It’s relevance over bulk; even if they don’t get as many, at least their state is a centerpiece to help decide the winner rather than in the past when their March primary was often meaningless by the time candidates made it around to them (that’s an entirely different issue and one of the biggest problems with the election system).

Regardless of who wins, we will see the same 4 candidates fight it out for weeks to come. A poor showing by Santorum could see pressure mount against him from the conservative base to bow out and point his votes at Gingrich. The opposite is true as well. Neither will let that happen until March at the earliest and by that time Romney may have the nomination locked up if he is the winner in Florida.

Here’s how the Florida scenarios play out:

  • A Romney win will carry over into Nevada and Maine and give him a chance to get Colorado in a concession-vote. If he gets Colorado in this scenario, the race is over.
  • A Gingrich win followed by losses in Nevada and Maine would prolong the contest further. He would likely win Colorado and Arizona (despite a Romney endorsement from John McCain), lose Minnesota to Romney, and fight for Michigan and Washington by pulling as many Santorum voters as possible. Going into the first Super Tuesday, he would be in good shape to take the race from Romney.
  • A Santorum win in Florida could get him Nevada as well with Romney getting Maine. Depending on momentum, he could conceivably sweep all of the states other than Minnesota going into Super Tuesday, at which time Gingrich would likely concede and back him either just before or just after.
  • A Ron Paul win would shake things up completely. A second-place finish would get him changing gears a bit, showing that there’s not enough support to get him the nomination but plenty of support within his base to start mounting a presidential campaign as an independent. He would remain in the GOP race as long as he continues to get exposure and invites to debates, and would position his lack of air time as the reasoning for running as an independent. This would, of course, put Obama in a good spot to win re-election.

The only thing that South Carolina cleared up was that nothing is cleared up at all.

Bill Clinton is the Best Thing that Happened to the Gingrich Campaign

Bill Clinton

Two decades ago, Newt Gingrich would be unelectable. He has already been involved in scandals while in Washington and he’s demonstrated multiple challenges with his personal life that would have precluded him from being a viable candidate, let alone someone who is well-positioned to be the Republican nominee for President in 2012.

His ability to run, to stay at the top and to be considered the best hope against Obama in November is a direct result of one man: Bill Clinton.

Leadership vs Morals

President Clinton is arguably the only man since Ronald Reagan to have a successful time in the oval office. Republicans would argue that Bush was successful while Democrats would point to his many flaws. Democrats would argue that Obama has been successful while Republicans would say, “look around.”

Few on either side would say that Clinton’s presidency was a failure. The country prospered under his watch. Many of his actions are still being felt today, and while Republicans might point to major differences in policy choices, they have to acknowledge that he did many good things for the country.

Few on either side would say that Clinton was a moral beacon. He was caught cheating on his wife while in the White House and he was caught lying about it while staring directly into the eyes of a watching nation. The words “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” will follow him throughout the history books for all time, followed very closely by the quote, “I didn’t inhale.”

High morals? No. Strong leadership? Absolutely.

Bill Clinton’s record indirectly helps Newt Gingrich. For a President to be effective while not being a pillar of morality is the best hope for Republicans. Lust is a powerful thing and in today’s world it’s can be forgiven more easily than shady dealings surrounding greed. While Mitt Romney may be able to take the moral high-road regarding his marriage, the questions surrounding his activities with Bain, his alleged use of the Cayman Islands as a tax haven, and his unwillingness to release his tax returns before being selected as the GOP nominee are more damaging.

We know Gingrich is a cheater, but it’s better than being a Plutocrat in the eyes of American voters, particularly in today’s economic atmosphere.


Gingrich’s first surge prior to Iowa came at the worst possible time. He became a target too early and Santorum was able to capitalize. South Carolina is a different story. Following two strong performances during the two debates that preceded the SC primary, Gingrich is positioned to win a race that was completely owned by Romney a week ago.

Republicans might be starting to see Gingrich as their best hope against Obama, but Democrats are seeing Gingrich as an easier foe than Romney.

The prospects of putting Obama and his record over the last 4 years up against Gingrich’s “wild card” mentality has them salivating. It’s Bob Dole all over again in their eyes. Bill Clinton was extremely well-liked by the people as a person while Dole was perceived negatively. Dole’s political record was strong. His personality was not.

It’s a little different in an Obama/Gingrich race. Obama exudes much of the same charisma and likability that Clinton had, but Gingrich is disliked for different reasons than Dole.

Romney has strong head-to-head numbers against Obama, but his baggage will be attacked and he has shown that he cannot handle it very well. Gingrich has demonstrated the ability to turn negatives into positives. It doesn’t matter. Democrats would still rather face him than Romney.

If that wish is granted, it could prove to be a mistake.

* * *

Sal McCloskeySal brings a moderate voice to Conservative Haven. He is a tech blogger in the heart of Silicon Valley but doesn’t get to go to too many parties anymore.

SOPA: Proof that the Republican Candidates are Either Dumb or Bought (or both)

Ron Paul SOPA

Wednesday was a big day. It marked the first true convergence of political action and the internet in America. As millions of people learned about SOPA/PIPA after visiting Google, Wikipedia, Reddit, or any of the sites that went dark in protest of the internet censorship bills, none of the Republican candidates other than Ron Paul used the opportunity to denounce and oppose them.

These bills are not clear-cut along party lines but the sudden evacuation of 16 Republican supporters in the Senate versus 2 Democrat supporters is a good indicator that the increased government regulation leans to the left. For Paul to be the only candidate to take advantage of the press that a simple Tweet would bring leaves only 3 possible reasons:

  1. The other candidates are stupid for missing a clear opportunity to share in the overwhelming voice of the people
  2. The other candidates have already been bought by Hollywood and cannot risk losing future campaign dollars
  3. Both

President Obama has already come out against them. He knows that the passage of the bills in their current state would be political suicide; in fact, his staff recognized it before most in Washington and acted ahead of time with their statement of opposition.

Where is the opposition from the GOP presidential candidates? Is it so bad to agree with Obama that they felt it best to avoid the issue altogether? No. The only real conclusion is that they’re hoping the issue will disappear without them declaring one way or another.