Was Mitt Romney Designed to Lose?

Mitt Romney Loses

Those who follow this blog know that I’ve never been a fan of Mitt Romney. I predicted that he was mathematically incapable of winning when Herman Cain was hot on his tail. When Cain fell from grace and Newt Gingrich rose, there was finally a remnant of true conservatism possible, but that was squashed as well. Then, Rick Santorum emerged as the not-Romney with extremely conservative views, but he wasn’t strong enough to take down Romney.

When it became clear that Romney would get the nomination, I prepared for the inevitable Obama victory. Despite knowing from the start that Romney had no chance of winning, I was still stunned at how badly he was trounced. It has been percolating in my mind since the election and now I’m convinced, circumstantially it may be, that Mitt Romney was engineered as the candidate and that Barack Obama’s victory was a foregone conclusion.

History tells us that conservatives win elections. Moderates can only win when they either follow the momentum created by a conservative president (G.H.W. Bush) or when they run on the premise of being a conservative (G. W. Bush). There were conservative contenders and there were conservatives who could have been contenders, but all of them fell to the untrustworthy, unlikable Mitt Romney.

There are plenty of conspiracy theories out there already being circulated about the election being rigged, and I am not going to participate. I simply want to point out that Mitt Romney was designed to lose. It was clear and apparent even to the Republican Establishment. What forces are behind the scenes pulling their strings? What strings are being pulled with our government today. What is the end goal? Where will America be in a year?

I don’t know, but I’m scared.

If Camp FEMA is Partially True, We’re All in Big Trouble

Vintage Japanese Prison Camps

As conspiracy theories go, the concept of FEMA camps being set up for impending doom in the country may be the most realistic as well as potentially very sinister. This film looks back at history, explores what is happening today, and branches forth into potential disaster in the future. As the country sits in the crosshairs of looming dangers, can we risk not taking the claims of this video seriously?

Most Americans Seem Okay with Raising Taxes as Long as it’s Not Their Taxes

Squashing People

There seems to be a growing sentiment in the population that taxes are okay. The thought of raising taxes on the rich is arguably one of the primary reasons President Obama won re-election. Today’s America tends to accept an anti-business, semi-socialist mentality of redistribution of wealth in a way that is truly terrifying. Buzzwords like “fair share” filled the campaign and apparently made sense to the majority of voters.

It simply doesn’t make sense to me.

There is a combination of math, psychology, and common sense that goes into the thinking that cutting expenses and encouraging business growth increases the prosperity potential at all levels, but it’s tougher to sell to a population that operates in much the same way as the government. We are not the thifty, hard-working Americans who understood the need for frugality and embraced simple archaic truths such as “a penny saved is a penny earned” just three decades ago. This generation is entitled and unfortunately the concept is working its way up to older generations.

When given the choice of saving up for an iPad, not buying it at all, or throwing it on a credit card and paying interest on it, many Americans seem to mirror the actions that the federal government has been taking for a long time. It’s this mentality that sends many people into a frenzy over their own needs and makes the concepts of raising taxes on people who have more money than them absolutely appealing. Most in Washington today – the majority of Republicans and a good number of Democrats – realize with crystal clear clarity that this direction has zero chance of working mathematically, but the people on the right are not convincing enough and the people on the left who understand this are not willing to risk their own careers over doing something as insane as going against their party.

Some way, somehow, the people need to be educated on the challenging math behind fiscal responsibility. They need to be taught that raising taxes is a band aid that makes the wound fester underneath. It does much more long-term damage than the short-term gains that are had from it and creates a mentality of abundance in an atmosphere of decadence.

The problem we face is that the concept of taxing others is a way of indirectly buying votes. We have two years to buy back some of those votes with responsible actions and sound economic principles. It cannot come from the government and by the time the candidates get going for 2014 it may already be too late. We need to start educating the population now as citizens.

It’s Time to Rebuild the Republican Party with Conservative Values

Half Mast

This was going to be a lengthy post, but I decided to keep it short. The signs are clear. History has pointed us in the right direction. For the country to head in the right direction, there can no longer be a leaning towards the middle. It simply doesn’t work.

At the state and congressional level, moderates can do well. There needs to be a mix of conservatives, liberals, and moderates to make sure that all people have someone standing up for them in government. At the executive level, this simply isn’t the case.

Let’s look at the GOP nominees over the last 3 decades:

  • 1980 – Reagan – Conservative – Victory
  • 1984 – Reagan – Conservative – Victory
  • 1988 – Bush – Moderate – Victory against a weak opponent and coming on the tail of a successful Reagan era
  • 1992 – Bush – Moderate – Defeat
  • 1996 – Dole – Moderate – Defeat
  • 2000 – Bush – Moderate, but ran on a conservative platform – Vicotry
  • 2004 – Bush – Moderate, but still ran on a conservative platform – Victory
  • 2008 – McCain – Moderate – Defeat
  • 2012 – Romney – Moderate – Defeat

The Bush presidencies were the only ones that were able to win as moderates. What is missed is that G.H.W. Bush won because he was Reagan’s VP. G.W. Bush won because he pretended to be a conservative.

The people want a strong conservative in office. That doesn’t mean that any strong conservative can win, but it takes extreme circumstances such as 9/11 or false pretenses to get  moderate into the White House. The Republican party has been partitioned for some time. The Tea Party and other conservative organizations are forced to push so far to the right because the perception of the leaders of the republican establishment always push too close to the middle.

For this country to thrive in the coming years, it’s necessary for moderate republicans to lean to the right. That doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone needs to push into ultra-conservative land. They simply need to emulate Ronald Reagan. It should be a rallying call. Whenever a politician or an individual needs to make a decision, they should ask themselves what Reagan would do. He wasn’t so far right that he put the country into deadlock turmoil, but he was conservative enough to keep the values upon which the country was formed at the forefront of his policies.

This is the future of the party. It’s the future of the country.

This Year, It’s Important That You Vote, Even in the 38 States that Don’t Matter

12 Swing States

There’s an opportunity this year, one that has only been available one other time in the last few decades. This year, the race looks so close that there’s a decent chance that the person who wins the popular vote may not win the election due to the antiquated Electoral College. For this reason and others, it’s imperative that everyone who has the ability to vote should do so.

Of course, there are other obvious reasons. There are state and local elections that need your input. There are ballot measures that deserve attention. There’s the simple responsibility that every American has to exercise the right that our forefathers earned for us. Still, the most important reason this year is the opportunity to make it close regardless of who wins. The closer the election is, the better the chance that we can finally rid ourselves of the silliness of the Electoral College.

There was a time when it made sense. The idea was to keep the power with the states, to prevent larger states from having an unfair sway on the election. Today, it has the wrong effect. Today, there are at most 12 states who have a say over who the next President will be. If you aren’t in one of the swing states, your vote for President has zero impact on the outcome. In a country that is based around equal rights, the Electoral College gives individuals in swing states a more valuable vote than those in locked-in states.

You can see the effects. The candidates have no need to spend time in Oklahoma or California. They don’t have to share their messages there or in any of the 38 locked-in states. They don’t have to listen to the people in these states. They have to gear their policies and promises strictly around what the people in the 12 swing states want to hear.

This is wrong.

Even if you’re in California, Oklahoma, or any of the other states that “don’t matter”, it’s important that you still vote for the candidate you want to see. You may not be able to affect the outcome, but the more that people vote, the more important it will be that we change the law. It won’t be easy. Amendments never are. It can, however, happen. You can help.