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57% of Illegal Immigrants Released by ICE in 2014 were Discretionary

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The line from the administration is that their hands are tied in most of the cases where illegal immigrants are released back into the public. An audit by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte showed otherwise with 57% released at the discretion of ICE.

Perhaps worst of all is that 3700 of those released were “Threat Level 1” criminals who were deemed dangerous to the public. These are criminals who would not have been released if they were incarcerated as legal US citizens but because of their premier status as illegal immigrants, the Obama administration chose to give them special treatment and let them loose into the population. You can’t make this stuff up.

“Put aside the spin, and the fact is that over 17,000 of the criminal aliens released last year were released due to ICE discretion, representing 57 percent of the releases,” said Mr. Goodlatte. “The Obama administration’s lax enforcement policies are reckless and needlessly endanger our communities.”

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