ABORT! Romney’s Inability To Galvanize His Own Party Is Why It’s Time to Write Him Off

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Mitt Romney Abort

I was one of those people. The person in the large group at the restaurant who was last to order, mulling over the menu because nothing popped out at me and I didn’t want to make the wrong selection – that was me. With a heavy heart, I started supporting Mitt Romney when my last hope for a solid choice, Herman Cain, turned out to be a dud.

Romney was the safe bet. He could appeal to moderates. He might not have had the chops to beat Obama, but he was less-likely to say or do something that would make him outright lose to Obama. He was the veteran quarterback who couldn’t take over a game for his team but had a good record because he didn’t make many mistakes and ran an efficient offense.

Now that it’s crunch time with Michigan and Arizona around the corner, I realize the error of my thinking and I’m hopeful that the Tuesday primary states do the same thing.

Mitt Romney has zero chance of defeating Barack Obama.

I came to this conclusion over the last month during a time when Romney should be wrapping up the nomination. He hasn’t. He cannot get his own party to believe in him. His passion seems insincere at best (contrived and forced is probably a better way to put it) and his decision-making abilities are absolutely abysmal.

This was his nomination. He had everything working for him – more money, opponents with baggage, favorable states in the early primaries – but he lacks the leadership skills that Republicans and Americans in general desperately crave. The sheer fact that we’re still looking for someone better is a crystal clear indicator that he’s not the right person for the nomination.

“Landslide” doesn’t remotely approach the proper context of Obama’s victory if Romney wins the nomination.

At this point, sobering up from the drunken stupor I put myself in over wishing that Romney was more than what he really is, I can only hope for Santorum to win on Tuesday. Both Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich appeal to me more than Santorum, but Republicans allowed themselves to be bought by Romney’s campaign dollars and Santorum is the only one within striking distance. Romney was my 1st choice. He’s now my 4th (and possibly 5th). Yes, even as a relatively-conservative Republican, I am to the point to where Romney’s ineffectiveness worries me.

I’m to the point that I would rather see Obama get another term than to see Romney try to lead this country.

I (poorly) Photoshopped the image above because that’s how I feel right now. The man that had earned my vote by default a month ago is now just a crooked-mouthed politician who doesn’t deserve to be in the conversation.


  1. bijan sharifi

    iranian, veteran (us army 11b), ron paul is the candidate of peace, liberty, prosperity. to vote for any other candidate is foolishness.

  2. Dennis

    Santorum? You think there’s any chance that someone as socially conservative as Santorum can win the general election? He’d get crushed like a bug. Independents would flee to Obama in terror.

  3. joe f.

    You should ask yourself the deeper question — if you haven’t already — of why the Republicans can’t field a better slate of hopefuls. I’m socially liberal, fiscally conservative and strong on defense, so I vote a little of this and a little of that. But no Republican on the national stage, much less any of the candidates, could get my vote. I’m going with the conventional wisdom — having to appeal to the far right of the party kills any hope of a sane candidate getting through — but it might be something else.

    Oh, and Romney’s a mormon. He’ll never get by the evangelical christians, so it’s almost impossible to say he’s not igniting the base. He had no chance. They will not have him even if he were really Ronald Reagan.

  4. Jon

    Ron Paul is currently in 2nd place by delegates, which you might note is how the candidate is actually selected.

    So if you want to claim that Santorum is the only one within striking distance of the nomination, that is completely incorrect.

  5. Hadouken

    Considering that less than 10% of the delegates have been allocated, instead of trying to support who you think others will support, perhaps you should just support the guy you actually want to win the nomination.

  6. funeocons

    I wish you and many others would have came to this conclusion earlier. I do not get though where you say you like Newt or Ron better but that you would have to support Rick just because he is closer. I am not so sure about that. Truth is Ron Paul has the second most amount of delegates of which I am sure the GOP will try to steal from him and if we were to back him we could help him win no matter who else likes it. I do not think Ron has been given a fair chance. The media and and elite do not want him because they know he would bring the most actual change to Washington. I think this appeal also to those people who were looking for Obama to do that in 2008. Obama already won before and it shows how much people want real change in Washington. Obama has failed these people. If we suddenly all start backing Ron Paul watch how the media, the establishment GOP leaders, and the elite freak out just like they did before Iowa caucus. They would not be able to line their pockets as much with Ron and this is the real reason they do not want him. We should all realize that the president is just one person and there is no way Ron could close down all bases or limit government as much as he would like in a 4 or 8 year presidency. It would take decades and an act of Congress. But he can get us going in the right direction while sending a clear message to Washington that we are sick and tired of the corruption and business as usual attitudes.

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