Politically, I’m a Federalist. That means I am neither a Republican or a Democrat. Most would consider me to be a constitutional conservative which translates in my mind to federalism, but as long as many federalists still label themselves conservatives, I’ll stick with the moniker for now.

There are liberal havens everywhere. Twitter, Reddit, and most social networks have more left-leaning users than right-leaning. At Conservative Haven, we simply want to balance it out. By taking the conservative perspective on issues, we’ll be able to be the balance. Considering what we’re fed through mainstream media, it’s easy to see why we’re necessary.

Contact me with any inquiries: jdrucker@reagan.com


  1. B A L

    Thank goodness–I’ve found another good anti-Trump site. I’ve stopped reading any that are Trump cheerleaders and have been bookmarking new-to-me anti-Trump ones as soon as I find them.

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