In Trump We Trust

Ann Coulter is finally learning what conservative Trump critics have known all along

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We were surprised at the time during the primaries when Ann Coulter turned completely around on Ted Cruz whom she supported as a Senator before he became a presidential candidate. When she was one of Donald Trump’s early supporters, it became clear why she’d turned on Cruz. When her book came out, everything became clear.

Now, the woman who literally wrote the book on trusting Trump is showing signs that her trust may have been inappropriately distributed. In a pair of Tweets, her regret is apparent and painful. The first came a few days ago when she responded to the President’s betrayal on DACA – first rescinding it then telling Congress to fix it:

The second came a couple days later when her snark came out in full force, noting the border wall that was the centerpiece of Trump’s campaign was nowhere to be seen:

Since these Tweets, she’s been pretty tame about it all. In fact, she seems to be blaming everyone around Trump instead of the man himself.

There’s nothing wrong with giving people second chances, but the clear lack of discernment on Coulter’s part as well as those who supported him wholeheartedly throughout the campaign is telling. Some of us voted for him reluctantly (I did) but the ones who made him the nominee in the first place should be held to account.

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