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As Hard as it is, Republicans Need to Stop Attacking Clinton

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Don’t misunderstand… I know it’s challenging. When someone you despise makes it so easy to attack them, it’s hard to pull back. But as I wrote about at the end of May, the Republican party should be desperately rooting for Hillary Clinton to get the nomination. She would be the easiest candidate for the Republican party to defeat in 2016.

Joe Biden is thinking about getting in the race. There’s another candidate that we love to poke fun at, but he’s strangely endearing and would be a greater threat than Clinton. Martin O’Malley has an appeal that would shine through if he gets a national stage through the nomination. Then, there’s Bernie Sanders whose socialist ideas might have been laughable a few years ago but today it’s not unimaginable to see the country rallying around it.

Society is very different than it was just a few years ago. We’re seeing a liberalization of the country that is unlike anything we’ve seen in the recent past. Sure, we’ve had Democrats in office 14 of the last 22 years, but they were only able to work within the confines of sanity. Today, it would appear that at least half of the American voters are losing their foundation and running towards the entitlement mentality that the left perpetuates. This is the most important election in decades. We cannot afford any of the candidates on the left to win and the most vulnerable would be Clinton.

Let her through. Give her a pass. Stop pointing out all of the bad things she has done. Save the ammunition. If she’s able to make it through all of these controversies and emerge on the other side as the Democratic nominee, then it would be time to unleash on her. Now, it’s fruitless and actually damaging to try to take her down prematurely.

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