As Newt’s Popularity Grows, Fear From Liberal Media Starts to Show

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The liberal media is going after Newt Gingrich from every angle they can think of and it’s being fueled by Romney and other GOP candidates.

As the Iowa caucus looms, everyone from CNN to IBTimes is going after Gingrich with a passion they haven’t had since George W Bush was running for a second term. With nothing spectacular to focus upon like Herman Cain’s female foibles, editorials are appearing across the internet on front pages of major publications spewing opinions attacking the GOP frontrunner.

Why is the media so afraid of Gingrich? Common sense would say that he is a weaker candidate against Obama than Romney would be due to his tainted past, but the media is defending Obama’s turf by lobbing rockets over at Gingrich prematurely. If they don’t stop, they might (gulp) help Romney win the nomination.

Current polls show that Romney is positioned more favorably head-to-head with Obama than Gingrich.

Does the media know something the polls do not? Do they see Gingrich’s strength in debates as something that would challenge a teleprompter-reliant Obama? Could his words reach the American people with more force than Romney’s if going head-to-head with Obama? Is the media plotting?

No. The media is simply dumb (as a whole). Their attacks on Gingrich are self-serving and short-sighted. He’s the most newsworthy of the candidates. He’s a Republican. Those two credentials make him the most attack-worthy. In the long run, it doesn’t help their goal of keeping Obama for a second term, but the media is about today. It’s about now. It’s about putting out sharable content that can generate pageviews regardless if it hurts their overall goal of an Obama re-election.

They do fear Gingrich. They fear him more than they fear Romney. This fear is driving them to make poor choices on the editorial side.

If Romney wins November, 2012, it will be because the media is being stupid in December, 2011.

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