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Yemen’s Fall Points to Obama’s Incompetence in Foreign Relations

Yemen and Obama

For nearly 60 years, the United States has had two presidents who have understood how to properly handle foreign relations: John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. Arguments can be made that Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton were decent at it. All others have failed, but nobody has failed as badly as our current president.

Barack Obama has established the worst set of foreign relations policies the country has ever seen. George W. Bush was pretty bad, but even his foreign policy debacles do not compare to Obama’s.

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We Don’t Know Who to Support Yet, but it’s Definitely Not Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush

The media is already putting Jeb Bush as the most likely GOP presidential candidate for 2016. They’re comparing him to his brother and father, but that’s not really the case. The best two people to compare to Jeb Bush are Mitt Romney and Bob Dole. If Bush is the candidate, he will meet the same results as these two fellow moderates.

The GOP does not need to cater to the middle. They do not need to ride on the coattails of a known entity. If recent history has taught us anything, it’s that the polarizing candidates perform better. It also shows us that a relatively unknown entity like Barack Obama in 2007 can galvanize his party better than someone who is familiar, even if only by name.

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President Angers Both Sides with Opening of Largest Immigration Detention Center

Illegal Immigration Detention

It was intended to signal the unveiling of the first steps towards controlling the southern border, the secondary part of President Barack Obama’s order on immigration. Instead, it is receiving heat from both polar sides of the immigration debate while many in the political center seem indifferent.

While the President himself stayed away from the event, he sent the Homeland Security Chief to Texas to officially open the largest immigration detention center in the United States. Dilley, Texas, is drawing the spotlight as a 50-acre facility that will hold up to 2,400 migrants who are captured while crossing the border from Mexico. HomeSec Secretary Jeh Johnson inaugurated the center with the goal of sending a message south that we might have helped millions who had already crossed, but don’t try it if you’re not here already.

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The Biggest Flaw in Obama’s Immigration Argument

Illegal Immigration

Since nothing is being done, something needs to be done. That’s pretty much the argument that President Obama is making in regards to his executive order to use prosecutorial discretion. As he said in an interview with George Stephanopolous, “The reason that we, have to do.. uhm prosecutorial discretion in immigration, is that we know, that we – are not even close to being able to deal with the folks who have been here a long time…”

Here’s the thing. This is going to cost America as much if not more money than it would cost to secure the borders. The problem that we face is two-fold. On one hand, we have a leaky border. On the other hand, we have the people who are already here illegally. Unlike many conservative commentators, I do not believe that amnesty is necessarily bad if it’s handled properly. Many of the illegal immigrants are here for good reasons and are contributing to the country. However, any amnesty or prosecutorial discretion must occur after the borders themselves are secure.

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For Obama, 4th DefSec Epitomizes Foreign Affairs Failures

Obama and Hagel

Things don’t always work out. Every President will pick the wrong people for jobs, but when it happens two or three times, one has to wonder if there’s a trend. As the Obama administration prepares to pick it’s 4th Defense Secretary in 6 years, the problems are clear. This administration doesn’t quite understand the concept of maintaining a strong defense.

Chuck Hagel was supposed to be the right conservative choice. He was a Republican Senator, a veteran, and one who had experience with and understanding of the volatile Middle East. However, anonymous reports from inside the White House paint a picture of a man who wasn’t empowered to do his job due to the centralized methodology in the administration. They like their own opinions and do not seem to want to listen to those who have opposing views.

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Even Bill Maher Finds Hypocrisy in Liberal Tolerance of Violent Muslim Practices

Bill Maher Muslims

Outspoken atheist liberal talk show host Bill Maher has been on our list of the least likely people that we would agree with, but there’s one topic that he finally discussed accurately and in a relatively unbiased light: the liberal tolerance of Islam as contrasted with their outrage over sillier matters.

His delivery into the topic was poor, utilizing an offensive image of desecration on a Christian-inspired statue as a “light” segue into his rant, but once he actually started the rant, he made some strong points. Liberals have shown that they cannot tolerate anything that hints of intolerance, but they become silent, apologetic, or even defensive when the topic of Muslim atrocities around the world comes up. They’ll often point to the Crusades, to Adolf Hitler’s pseudo-faith, or other examples of how Christians are just as violent, but the numbers are clear and the atrocities are unique.

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We Hate to Admit it but Bush was Right About Iraq

George W Bush

We’ve been very critical of George W Bush in the past (mostly because we thought he was too liberal) but we have to give him kudos for predicting the mess we’re in now. In a speech from July 12, 2007, the President was defending his proposal for a surge in Iraq and discussing what could happen if we pulled out completely like many were requesting at the time.

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Why Transparency in Pricing is Right AND Wrong

Transparent Pricing

We don’t normally get mixed up in the business side of politics. It’s not that we don’t care, but there are other battles that need to be fought that are often more important. However, when the government starts messing with the way that companies do business in the United States, it’s important for us to chime in.

One of the biggest trends that nobody is talking about is the pricing controls that the government is imposing. There are rare instances when price gouging can be utterly abused, but these are few and far between. What most consider to be price gouging is simply the supply and demand model at work that has driven capitalism for centuries. The rare cases occur and are easily recognizable; just because a cup of soda at the convenience store costs them 12 cents doesn’t mean that they can’t charge $1.99. That’s not price gouging.

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As SCO War Games Begin, the Russian-Chinese-Muslim Alliance Grows

Putin and Xi

Call the relationship between Russia and China what you will. When two of the three military superpowers converge in an alliance such as theirs, the third superpower had better watch out. When their organization includes countries with a Muslim majority, the concerns for the future are even greater.

This is not another case of Islamophobia. In this situation, the other countries in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation – Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan – are all primarily Muslim and are pawns through which the group will be able to pull more support from other Muslim countries. Russia and China are the threat. The expansion of the SCO across Asia, Europe, and into the Middle East will quickly dwarf NATO in overall population.

They are already courting other countries, some of whom have strong military forces and even nuclear capabilities. The fifth watershed summit in 2005 held in Astana, Kazakhstan, included representatives from Pakistan, India, Iran, and Mongolia. Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev greeted guests by declaring that “The leaders of the states sitting at this negotiation table are representatives of half of humanity”.

This week, the SCO will be holding their largest military drills in history. Dubbed “The Peace Mission 2014″, members of five different armies will be working together to train to eliminate a considerable “terrorist force”. Why they would need to test 40 BMP-2 fully amphibious crawling traction infantry combat vehicles to use against terrorists is a mystery. Or is it?

Preparation for Middle East Warfare

The countries in question have remained passive over the various Middle East conflicts in the last decade. Is this a sign that it could all change soon?

As conspiracy theories go, this isn’t really much of a stretch. The insistence by Russia to control Ukraine seems to be more than just a passing fancy. They’re willing to provoke the United States and Europe over the land which many consider to be their gateway to western Europe. Moreover, it would give them better access to and control over the Black Sea than NATO’s Turkey.

If there are plans in the future to participate actively in the Middle East, having alliances with more Muslim countries will be paramount. Currently, their are loose relationships that are bolstered by Russian aid and Chinese commerce, but if the need for military action arises, they’ll need a solid relationship. We may be seeing the seeds of those relationships breaking through the dirt right before our eyes.

Why Did the Napoleon Harris Story Get No Traction?

Napoleon Harris

Former NFL linebacker and current Illinois state senator Napoleon Harris is like many politicians. He has multiple houses spread across the country. The problem with Harris’ multiple addresses is that only one of them is in the district that he represents and a report from the Chicago Tribune brings into question whether he ever lives at the address at all.

State law states that a representative must reside in the district that he/she represents. It makes sense. The district is considered a poor one with high poverty and crime rates. His nearby address where his wife apparently answers the door is in a much nicer area. Shouldn’t this be a problem? Shouldn’t political activists, his primary competitors, or even local Republicans be fighting to challenge his eligibility to represent the district for a second term?

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