Benghazi Victim’s Mother Still Waiting for Call Promised by Hillary Clinton

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For liberals, the Benghazi scandal won’t seem to go away. First, they ignored it. Then, some Republicans gave them a free pass by saying it was a political issue to damage Hillary Clinton. Now, they’re trying to make it about the “damn emails” instead of being about 4 American lives. In the background, one mother still waits for answers.

According to Patricia Smith, mother of the fallen hero Sean Smith, then-Secretary Clinton told her to her face that she would be calling to tell her the story of what happened to her son. That was three years ago and the grieving mother is still looking for answers.

It’s sad that this has been politicized by both parties. This really should be about finding out why the tragedy wasn’t averted, why help wasn’t given, and who all was involved. We know that Clinton was involved but she’s only part of the story. The CIA was reported to be the ones giving the order to US security forces in the area to stand down. What about Congress? What about the President? Nobody has truly been brought to justice to take responsibility for the incompetence and potentially willful negligence that led to the death of the 4 Americans.

Lest we forget…

This isn’t a new request. Smith has been looking for answers for a long time.

The truth needs to be known about everyone involved even more than Clinton’s involvement. We already know what we need to know about her ability to be President. There should have been zero doubt that on the infamous day of September 11, an American asset was attacked and Americans were killed as a result. Clinton’s story was that it was because of a YouTube video. Either she is utterly ignorant and unfit to be Secretary of State, let alone President, or she intentionally lied to cast doubt on the event before the Presidential election. Either way, she should never be even a remote consideration for any American, liberal or conservative, to sit in the Oval Office.

Now is the time for the full story to come out so we can find out where the breakdown occurred and eliminate any possibility of it happening again.

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