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The Biggest Flaw in Obama’s Immigration Argument

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Since nothing is being done, something needs to be done. That’s pretty much the argument that President Obama is making in regards to his executive order to use prosecutorial discretion. As he said in an interview with George Stephanopolous, “The reason that we, have to do.. uhm prosecutorial discretion in immigration, is that we know, that we – are not even close to being able to deal with the folks who have been here a long time…”

Here’s the thing. This is going to cost America as much if not more money than it would cost to secure the borders. The problem that we face is two-fold. On one hand, we have a leaky border. On the other hand, we have the people who are already here illegally. Unlike many conservative commentators, I do not believe that amnesty is necessarily bad if it’s handled properly. Many of the illegal immigrants are here for good reasons and are contributing to the country. However, any amnesty or prosecutorial discretion must occur after the borders themselves are secure.

This is not a “chicken and egg” situation. This is a very clear cause and effect situation. We have to handle the cause before we go after the effect, which in this case is the mess that Obama is trying to fix. It’s so clear and simple that there’s no need to turn this into a long post with tons of evidence or convincing talking points. This one’s pretty obvious. The President wanted something for his legacy that would stick as well as helping to secure better odds for the Democrats in the 2016 elections.

The worst part is that the move is a political one but will be viewed by the ignorant as socially correct. If it didn’t benefit him, he would not have done it.

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