Bobby Jindal on Gun Violence

Bobby Jindal on Gun Violence

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Of the lower-ranked GOP candidates, Bobby Jindal is possibly the most interesting. Despite having virtually no chance of making it into the primaries next year let alone winning the nomination, he seems to be sticking in there to express his message and perhaps to plan for a 2020 run if the GOP loses or a 2024 run if they win. Regardless, he’s said some pretty silly things over the last month that have done very little to help his cause, but on the issue of addressing gun control, his message has been the most compelling from a solutions perspective. Rather than pointing to Chicago or other examples in order to defend gun rights, he’s gone after the root causes.

Gun laws haven’t changed. People have. The rise in gun violence and mass killings coincides perfectly with the moral decline of American society, particularly over the last decade. More gun laws will not make people more moral. They won’t instill values in young men. Only proper appreciating and maintenance of family and God-fearing values can turn this problem around properly.

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