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Breitbart Poll Has Trump, Cruz with 64% of Vote

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Conservative publication Breitbart is known for bucking the political system, even going against the mainstream Republican Establishment at times to highlight more conservative views. While they’re definitely not the “voice of the conservatives” that many seem to believe they are, their readers are clearly a mixture of average Republicans, RINOs, and conservatives based upon the split at the top.

Donald Trump is, as expected, leading the poll with 38%. That’s no surprise and is somewhat in line with the standard national polls. However, seeing Ted Cruz with an impressive 26% of the vote is a little surprising, demonstrating that he’s receiving a bigger chunk of the true conservative support than we can see in the national polls.

Ben Carson is fairing well with 9% while Carly Fiorina and Rand Paul round out the top five with 5% each. Notably not on the list at the top is Jeb Bush whose campaign seems to be floundering under the Trump onslaught.

Breitbart Poll August 2015


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