Bullets and Booze Don’t Mix in Chicago

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Concealed Weapons

After a major setback to their attack on gun rights in Chicago, the city council passed an ordinance banning concealed weapons from being carried in places that serve alcohol.

The city has one of the harshest gun laws in the country. Not coincidentally, the clime and murder rates in the city are also high. When an appeals court ruled that the concealed weapons ban in Illinois was unconstitutional, Chicago wasted no time in trying whatever they legally could to prevent citizens from being able to protect themselves. The ordinance passed Wednesday, the same day that the reversal of the concealed weapons ban took effect.

“Bullets and booze don’t mix,” said Alderman Edward Burke, one of the sponsors of the ordinance.

According to the USA Today:

Under the new gun laws, businesses that serve alcohol are required to place a sign in their window banning guns on the premises. The ordinance attempts to prevent booze and firearms in one place, according to Donal Quinlan, a spokesman for the city finance committee.

Drunken murder rages don’t seem to be a problem in most cities, but it will definitely not be an issue with law abiding citizens in Chicago. Then again, it’s rarely the law abiding citizens that are the problem.

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