Christian Photographers Appeal to US Supreme Court

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Christian Photographers

Religion has been getting superseded by the liberal worldview that dominates many of the laws in just about every state in the US for some time now. One of the most contentious battles is over same-sex marriage. This particular portion of the debate isn’t about whether or not homosexual partners should be allowed to get married. It’s about whether or not those whose religion compels them to avoid participating in those situations should be forced to partake.

Most Americans seem to be for same-sex marriage, but most would not be for forcing a professional to set aside their beliefs and choose between performing their duties in those circumstances or find themselves on the losing end of the law, but that’s exactly what’s happening with photographers who do not want to take pictures of same-sex marriage ceremonies. Now, some are taking their case to the highest law of the land.

According to Christian News:

Attorneys for a Christian couple in New Mexico who were told by the courts that they may not refuse to shoot homosexual ‘weddings’ in the state have appealed the ruling to the United States Supreme Court.

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