Elizabeth Warren

Clinton caught in the Crossfire Over TPP

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There is no bigger conundrum in the US political sphere right now than the Trans-Pacific Partnership. It has a Republican congress siding with President Obama, a liberal icon emerging in the form of Elizabeth Warren, interest groups such as Hollywood in bed with opposing interest groups like the pharmaceutical industry, and in the middle of it is Hillary Clinton.

How she supports or opposes TPP will make an impact on where she gets her votes both during the primaries as well as in the general election if she’s nominated. It was nicely presented in a recent NJ post that clearly supports the liberal view but that lays out the perspectives for Clinton:

If she takes the Warren view in her long run for the presidency, she’ll have thrown cold water on a major part of the Obama legacy – his pivot toward Asia – and perhaps alienated Obama loyalists. If she sides with Obama she risks cooling the support she needs from labor and angering her party’s newest icon – Warren.

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