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Conservative House leader signals opposition to tying Harvey relief to debt ceiling

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The plan is ugly and quite political. The House will pass a clean Harvey relief bill, then the Senate will send it back with a raise to the debt ceiling attached. That’s politics, folks, and it’s far from elegant. Thankfully, some still have their values intact and will fit politicizing this disaster.
North Carolina Congressman Mark Walker, who leads the Republican Study Committee, a group of 170-some House members, said:

“Congress is united behind this effort, but I worry about jeopardizing an agreement with such legislative games. Our obligation is to assist those impacted by this great flood, but it’s past time the swamp waters in DC begin receding as well… As we have stated for months, the debt ceiling should be paired with significant fiscal and structural reforms.”

With people suffering in Houston and the surrounding areas, it makes no sense to play political games. This type of opportunism has always been attached to the Democrats. Seeing Republicans attempting to play the same games is heartbreaking. They need to pass a clean bill, then immediately turn around and address our various fiscal problems. Trying to ram it through under the cover of hurricane Harvey is despicable.

According to Axios:

Axios broke the news on Sunday that Republican leadership plans to pass a “clean” emergency Harvey aid package through the House, and then the Senate will attach a debt ceiling raise before sending it back. Walker’s opposition signals that leadership could have big problems from conservatives when the bill returns to the House.

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