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Conservatives Must Stop Jeb Bush

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Between mainstream media and Wall Street influencers, the message being generated is very clear: Jeb Bush is going to be the next moderate Republican to lose a presidential election.

That’s not the message they want you to hear. It’s the message that’s coming through to those who have short memories or misguided motivations. They want you to believe that he’s the man to beat Hillary or whoever the democrats throw out there. They want you to believe that he can pull votes from the center. They want you to think he has all of the good qualities of the previous Presidents in the family but that he has none of their baggage.

They want you to believe he’s the inevitable candidate. The left won’t even try to stop him. They want to run against him. The only ones who can stop him from being the next Romney/McCain/Dole candidate is the conservative end of the Republican party.

Keep in mind that we don’t dislike Bush as a person. He’s probably the best fundraiser in the field. His policies and compromises, however, make him a true danger to America if he were to get the nod.

If Jeb Bush is nominated, one of two things will happen. He will likely lose because, as has been shown in every election since Nixon, those running on a moderate, establishment Republican platform are incapable of winning a general election. Option two is that he could pull off a victory, and that would be even worse than losing.

I said it. I stand by it. Rip into me if you’d like. Jeb Bush would do more damage to the country than the likely Democratic opponents, particularly if a majority is maintained in the House and Senate. Before even announcing his candidacy officially, he has made the types of blunders that would have his brother shaking his head. He is likely the smartest in the family but he’s also the poorest decision maker. He is not a leader. He is not even a good manager.

He’s a Bush. That’s pretty much the only thing he has going for him. America cannot afford to have him in office. The true conservatives are the only ones who can stop him and stop him we must.


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