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Conservatives Need to Stop Attacking Clinton

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There has been so much attention paid by candidates, journalists, and political campaign specialists on Hillary Clinton that one might think she has the nomination wrapped up. The truth is that she has a big fight on her hands in the primaries and conservatives should hold their attacks, their ammunition until after she is nominated.

If we don’t, we might be putting too much effort on the wrong person. We made the same mistake in 2007 and 2008 when we were attacking Clinton based upon a perception that she would be the nominee, only to watch a stronger nominee come in and demolish us. Bernie Sanders can reach people with his passion. Martin O’Malley can reach people with his ideas and his humanity. Both are more dangerous candidates than Hillary Clinton.

Then, there’s Joe Biden. He probably won’t run. Then again, he’s Joe Biden. I can see him coming in late, especially if Clinton looks vulnerable. As much as conservatives like to use Biden as a punchline, he’s actually a formidable political figure and one who is very likable by independents. He’s definitely more dangerous than Clinton.

Don’t get me wrong. I do not want to see her in the White House. However, we believe that she is the easiest candidate to beat in a general election which is why we do not believe that she should be getting the brunt of attacks just yet. We can damage her chances, but the result may be worse if she does not get the nomination.

All in all, Hillary Clinton is a weak candidate. She’s an ineffective debater. She’s not very likable. Some would say that the concept of a female candidate could pull Republicans over to her side for the sake of having a woman in office, but that would be minor in comparison to the independents who would more likely embrace Sanders, O’Malley, or Biden over Clinton.

It’s a risky move, especially if you believe that she would be an incredibly damaging President as we do. However, we do see her as the easiest of the candidates to beat at this point. Hold your fire until she wins the primary, then unleash on her.


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