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Cruz Leapfrogs All but Trump, Carson in Latest CBS Poll

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We hate polls, especially this early in. The unscientific approach to them has been proven time and again over the last year to be ineffective in the digital/mobile age with inaccuracies that have┬ámany professional pollsters brushing up on skills in other industries. We won’t report on them often unless there’s a shakeup.

The most recent CBS poll has Ted Cruz jumping up to #3 from #6 where he was the last time they polled. Donald Trump and Ben Carson continue to lead by a large margin, but Cruz has made recent moves that may be telling conservative voters that he actually has a chance. That’s been the knock against him from the start; many feel his far-right ideology is too much for moderates in the party to get him the nomination and too much for independents in the general election.

Of course, that doesn’t seem to be a problem for the Democrats who have Bernie Sanders, a candidate as far to the left as Cruz is to the right, leading some polls and Hillary Clinton making a hard left turn in recent weeks. Then, there’s the President Obama factor who has demonstrated during the last two elections that extremism is not something that independents shy away from. In fact, they seem to embrace it more than the moderate positions that GOP candidates have held recently.

Don’t read too much into this poll if you’re a Cruz supporter. He still has a long way to go and his plan is one for the long haul rather than embracing the turn and burn strategy that the two frontrunners have adopted. Polls don’t win elections.

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