Lawless Obama

Rescinding DACA isn’t about harming innocents. It’s about not rewarding lawlessness.

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I’m in the camp who believes most DREAMers do not deserve to be deported. The vast majority of them have done nothing worthy of deportation. A lot of them, as far as I can tell, are contributing to the nation. By most accounts, they are innocent. That’s what makes it so unfortunate that we must put a clean and complete end to DACA.

The blame is going to be placed on the Trump administration and the Republican Congress if they do not come back with a replacement plan that the media deems suitable. The reality is that 100% of the blame belongs to President Obama. He should never have made the executive order in the first place. Here are three reasons why:

  1. It wasn’t his call. A constitutional argument can be made about enforcement (or lack thereof) of the law falling in the hands of the president. A different constitutional argument can be made for clear overreach by the executive branch into the realm of immigration. His decision to act recklessly and make promises he knew he had no long-term power to keep was a purely political move designed to secure Latino votes in 2012. It is well documented that turnout from the Latino community was going to be lower than in 2008, so he needed something to energize them. DACA was the cure for his election woes. It worked.
  2. There is always legislation in the works or on the floor that addresses this issue. They President should have stayed the course and worked with Congress to come up with a longer-lasting solution that could garner enough appeal from both sides of the aisle to actually pass. His impatience cost “DREAMers” by giving them a temporary solution for the sake of political expediency instead of producing something that would have a sustainable impact.
  3. Most importantly, it was lawless. The fact that it was their parents who are to blame for bringing them illegally into the country does not justify allowing them to live and work here. If a parent steals a Playstation and gives it to their kid, that kid doesn’t get to keep the Playstation just because they weren’t involved in the crime. For those who say their presence here is a “victimless crime,” tell that to those who were born here or entered legally who are fighting with DREAMers for jobs or benefits. Contrary to liberal beliefs, both are finite.

DACA sends the absolute wrong message to those who may want to enter the United States illegally. It tells them, “It’s okay to put your children in danger at the hands of coyotejes, drug cartels, and the elements as they take the hard journey towards America because if you can just get them across the border, America will give them jobs, healthcare, and all of the benefits of citizenship without having to go through the hassle of legal immigration.” This irresponsibility puts the unfortunate consequences of rescinding DACA squarely on President Obama’s shoulders.

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