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Dear @AllenWest – Announce Your Interest to be Speaker of the House

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There has never been a more opportune time in recent history for Republicans in the United States Congress to make a bold statement about the setting the proper direction for the country than right now. With a strong majority that has been deemed by the media to be in complete disarray, there’s one man who could bring the party together and lead Congress the right way. That man is Allen West.

With Kevin McCarthy pulling out at the last moment, things are looking grim for the party. The right wing has just enough votes to stop a moderate from taking over for John Boehner but not enough to elect an actual conservative. Though the House has always elected a member of Congress as Speaker, this would be the first time in history that it makes perfect sense to pull someone from the outside. It’s not like he’s a complete outsider. He has enough friends still in Congress to circulate his name.

More importantly, he’s been able to accumulate a stronger following since leaving office than he did when he was in Congress.

Late last month, Mark Levin brought up the idea of bringing West in as Speaker, but at the time it appeared that McCarthy was accumulating enough support to win. Now that we’re back to the drawing board, West is the right man for the job. He knows the system and he knows when to play outside of the system. That’s the perfect mix for a Speaker with this sort of majority that’s already very divided within its own ranks.

Mr. West, the party needs you. Congress needs you. Most importantly, the country needs you. Please act quickly and turn the tide of Republican failure into American strength by uniting the majority in the House of Representatives.

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