Mike Huckabee Drop Out

Dear Huckabee: Please Don’t Wait Until Losing Iowa to Drop Your Failed Campaign

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Mike Huckabee had his chance at being the Republican nominee in 2008. He lost to a very weak John McCain. That should be the end of the story for the man who won Iowa before going on to lose pretty much everywhere else. Unfortunately, it’s not. Huckabee really wants to run for President and he’s doing damage to both the Republican party and America by staying in the race.

I like Mike Huckabee. He’s a decent fellow with a handful of good ideas and a relatively strong moral compass guiding him. He is, however, not someone who can win the nomination on his own merits. Now, he’s saying that he’ll drop out if he doesn’t land in the top three in Iowa.

Here’s the thing. If he couldn’t win the nomination against a weak candidate after winning Iowa outright in 2008, what makes him believe he has any business running this year? His stock among conservatives is very low right now. He’s a second-tier debater and has done very little to successful gain attention other than when he says something stupid. His campaign should have ended with his racist joke on Twitter, but thankfully for him he was so far below the radar at that point that very few people even noticed him.

He’s polling under 3% in Iowa. That means he a better chance of finishing 5th then third. What it also means is that he’s going to attack the person who prevented him from being a blip on social conservatives’ radar this year: Ted Cruz. This not only breaks Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment. It gives more strength to two people that Huckabee should really dislike: Donald Trump and Marco Rubio.

Instead of doing the better thing (attacking moderates and Democrats) or the best thing (dropping out), he’s going to to fight a fellow conservative. That’s not smart. It’s not classy. It should be below him, but Mike Huckabee is apparently willing to go as low as possible to serve his own interests.

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