Democratic National Committee Invokes John McCain to Attack Romney’s Olympic Record

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Salt Lake City Olympics

When an enemy attacks a candidate, it can be dismissed as biased. When someone on the same side of the fence challenges the decisions of a candidate, it’s newsworthy.

That’s the hope of the Democratic National Committee who released their first advertisement of the election season. In it, they negatively depict one of the aspects of Romney’s past that the candidate has been touting as a strength: his chairing of the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. To drive their point home, they took the words of a former foe and turned them against the GOP front runner.

At $1.3 billion, Salt Lake City received more than double the public funding that the Atlanta Olympics 6 years earlier received. Many on both sides of the fence called it wasteful and blamed Romney for arrogantly pulling strings to “save” the Olympics from scandal and disaster. Here’s the video, which was not endorsed by either Obama or his campaign:

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