Democrats are Sticking their Heads in the Sand Over Recent Obama Follies

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Benghazi Attacks

The IRS targeting of conservative groups falls under the category of, “duh.” The Justice Departments seizure of journalists’ communication records created a dangerous precedent that is already making sources dry up. The way the Obama administration handled the Benghazi terrorist attack on 9/11 was arguably the most masterful spin job in US political history. With all that is starting to come to light about this corrupt and destructive administration, the response so far from the left has been to stick their heads in the sand and hope the scenery is still cheery when the smoke clears.

Benghazi PollThat’s the takeaway from a recent Gallup poll that suggests the people just aren’t that interested in these types of news items. Republicans are more willing to follow them with 2/3rds claiming they are watching the IRS situation and the Benghazi investigation very or somewhat closely. Only 40% and 45% respectively of Democrats are doing the same.

Benghazi is the truly damaging one because of the implications it had. The administration knew that they would have a hard time winning the election if they were caught sleeping through a terrorist attack on the anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks, particularly from a group that they have conveniently and quietly tried to remove from public consciousness. They spun it to appear as if it was a spontaneous action in response to a video.

They lied. They know it. They wanted to win the election at all costs, even if it meant desecrating the memories of the public servants that died as a result of the administrations ineffectiveness and unwillingness to protect them thoroughly. Now that it’s coming to light, the left seems unwilling to hear the truth. After all, it would mean that their chosen savior for the nation might actually be doing the wrong things for the country, that he’s more corrupt than even the Bush administration, and that he and his team intentionally misled the American people in order to keep hold of their power.

This is all disgusting on many levels, but the worst part is that many Democrats are gleefully willing to play the role of sheep. Conservatives were among the most vocal when Bush made poor choices. Why are liberals not willing to do the same when their guy turns out to be a manipulative scoundrel?

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