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Did Hillary Clinton Really Pay Women much Less while in the US Senate?

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If there’s one thing that will never hit a shortage, it’s the number of attacks that organizations will levy on candidates they don’t like. Forget the candidates themselves during the campaigns; sometimes the most influential accusations are made by interested parties who aren’t even part of the campaigns. Remember swift boats?

Hillary Clinton may be the first to get a major attack from a third party in the form of the Centennial Institute. A video they released yesterday hangs on one fact that could be very dangerous if the sentiment it represents persists: Hillary Clinton’s US Senate office allegedly paid women 72% of the wages earned by men that they employed. This is going to be a major push that the campaign will mount in the coming months in an attempt to sway as many women voters as possible and if the claims can be substantiated, it may be enough to invalidate her potential to win the nomination, let alone the election.

According to Noozeez:

2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been promoting the concept of pushing for equal pay for female employees. That perspective is hitting a snag with a new video released by Centennial Institute, a Christian University in Colorado, that claims Clinton paid female employes 72 cents on the dollar while she was a US Senator from New York.

Here’s the video:

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