Diplomats Walking on Eggshells Over Syria

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Kerry Lavrov

Something needs to be done about Syria. Nobody disagrees with that. The points of contention being discussed by the five permanent members of the UN Security Council as well as the rest of the world centers around how the response should be delivered.

Is it a strong condemnation over the use of chemical weapons? Is it a demand to hand them all over and have them destroyed? Is it limited strikes, either from the United States or other members of the United Nations? Is it something completely different?

The opinions are wide-ranging and the debate is fierce. As a result, everyone is apparently being very careful with their proposals as well as the way they’re handling the situation as representatives of their own country.

According to CBS:

“We are not going line-by-line” through the draft resolution floated by the French and outlined by their foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, the diplomat said. “We were discussing concepts, because the fundamentals have been agreed to, but how and if we get there is still very shaky.”

This isn’t just about Syria. Countries like Iran and North Korea are testing the bounds by proxy, learning how the world will react to Syria, their actions, and the response of the rest of the world, to help determine how far they will be able to go in the future. The region could blow up at any moment. The world could be propelled into a war. Everyone is tense over the situation and rightfully so.

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