Discrimination isn’t as prevalent as the left would have you believe

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Who do you trust? Right-wing media? Mainstream media? The indoctrinating education system? Politicians? Depending on who you ask, discrimination is either a huge problem or no big deal. Once we actually look at the facts, the picture becomes much more clear.

A recent study shows that around 1/4th of Americans have ever experienced discrimination. While this number is still much larger than we would like, it’s much smaller than what we’re told by the mainstream media (and their leftist cohorts). Moreover, it’s not like there are certain races who are hitting 50% while others (white) are in single digits. The range is 18% for Asians up to 31% for blacks.

According to Campus Reform:

The study, led by Professor Brian Boutwell, consisted of reviewing response data from a survey of more than 14,000 Americans, finding that the vast majority claim to have “never” or “rarely” been a victim of discrimination.

The results, relatively consistent across racial lines, found that only 25 percent of Americans responded “yes” to ever experiencing discrimination.

Read more on Campus Reform.

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