Donald Trump is the Right Man at the Wrong Time

Donald Trump is the Right Man at the Wrong Time

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Donald Trump is unlike any Presidential Candidate in the modern age.  He is rough, intelligent, unapologetic, and a true showman. After 26-years of uninspiring Presidents and GOP candidates (yes, including both Presidents named Bush), he is showing many conservatives that they can think outside of the Republican Establishment box and have a candidate of action.

The problem is one of irony for the Republican party. This is the first election cycle since Ronald Reagan left office that we actually have some incredible candidates. We’ve needed someone like Donald Trump to come along and galvanize the party even if he’s not the best choice to lead it. Unfortunately, the year that he decided to run is the only year since the 80s when we didn’t need him to run.

Why didn’t he come in and give us someone other than Mitt Romney? Why couldn’t he have taken the place of John McCain rather than helping him raise money in 2008? A Trump Presidency from 2000-2007 could have yielded better results for the country than the Bush Presidency. He would have been much better than Bob Dole and at least a little better than G.H.W. Bush. Moreover, he would have had a better chance of keeping Bill and Hillary Clinton out of the White House.

Today, we don’t need Trump. Ted Cruz and Ben Carson are much better GOP choices than anyone since Reagan. Even Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and possibly Carly Fiorina are more inspiring than Romney, McCain, or Dole. Perhaps more importantly is the fact that this is the weakest group of contenders for the Democrats since Walter Mondale.

This is the year that we didn’t need Trump to come in and turn the Republican party upside down. We have the candidates. It was much simpler a couple of months ago when it was only necessary to beat Jeb Bush. Now, the most talented Republican primary contenders that we’ve seen in decades are being relegated to occasional questions here and there and most of the time they’re being asked about Trump.

I like Donald Trump and I really wish he would have been there for the party and the country when we really needed him. Any of the past seven elections he would have likely been the best choice. Today, he’s in the middle of a powerhouse pack of contenders but he’s getting all of the attention.

When we needed him, he wasn’t there. Now that finally don’t need him, he had to come in and mess everything up.

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