Essential Tool for Criminals: The Journal News Posts Legal Gun Owners’ Names, Addresses

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The Journal News

Dear Criminals in or near Westchester County or Rockland County, NY:

You have a new ally to assist you in your criminal activities. The Journal News through it’s property has furnished you with the names and addresses of people who possess legal handgun permits. No need to worry about getting surprised by someone with the upper hand when you’re preparing to commit a crime. Just cross-reference your target address with the interactive map that The Journal News has provided you and know whether your intended victims are likely to have a firearm in their house. Why take the risk of getting shot when The Journal News is there to protect you?

Better yet, if you do not currently possess a firearm, simply wait outside one of the houses on the map until everyone leaves and break in knowing that you’re likely to find a firearm that you can use to commit your crimes. Remember, The Journal News is here to make your jobs easier.

As The Blaze and other publications have already pointed out, real journalists on both sides of the political spectrum are reacting negatively to the publication of interactive maps by The Journal News that reveal the names and addresses of legal gun permit holders in two New York counties. These are not people who committed a crime. They are not people who deserve to have their privacy trampled on. These are people who have been called out by a newspaper because…

…actually, there’s really no good reason that a rational human could possibly come up with to justify this action. They aren’t going to intimidate anyone into getting rid of their guns. They aren’t giving useful information to people in these neighborhoods; despite what The Journal News might believe, people are not checking the map on their street and saying, “Oh my goodness, there’s guns here! Let’s move, Earl. We’re not safe – Betty Sue down the block is packing!”

With no possible benefit to the community they serve and the fact that they are putting their own communities at risk by publishing this data, one can only conclude that The Journal News did this strictly for ad revenue. A pageview play is the only thing that would remotely make any sense. Why else would a publication be willing to put its readers in danger and assist criminals unless they were profiting from their irresponsible act?

I was hesitant to even link to the story, but you’ll want to see it. You will find it whether I link to it or not. You will want to try to grasp how “journalism” has fallen so far.

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