Even Bill Maher Finds Hypocrisy in Liberal Tolerance of Violent Muslim Practices

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Outspoken atheist liberal talk show host Bill Maher has been on our list of the least likely people that we would agree with, but there’s one topic that he finally discussed accurately and in a relatively unbiased light: the liberal tolerance of Islam as contrasted with their outrage over sillier matters.

His delivery into the topic was poor, utilizing an offensive image of desecration on a Christian-inspired statue as a “light” segue into his rant, but once he actually started the rant, he made some strong points. Liberals have shown that they cannot tolerate anything that hints of intolerance, but they become silent, apologetic, or even defensive when the topic of Muslim atrocities around the world comes up. They’ll often point to the Crusades, to Adolf Hitler’s pseudo-faith, or other examples of how Christians are just as violent, but the numbers are clear and the atrocities are unique.

Maher’s fuel for this rant was to promote a truer liberal and atheist ideology; there was no hint of conservatism in his monologue. However, he is at least intelligent enough to point out that the evils perpetrated in Muslim countries around the world are not isolated to a handful of radicals. As he points out, the majority of Muslims worldwide believe in the inferiority of women, the harsh punishments handed down to those who break the law, and the concept that Islam is the top level of government. He even bashes President Obama for trying to separate ISIS from Islam.

As condemn Americans condemn movie stars, athletes, talk show hosts, and other celebrities for minor lapses in judgment, they tend to turn a blind eye to anything that even hints at criticism on Muslim countries and individuals that force unspeakable pain, suffering, and death on those that they choose to persecute.

We may not agree with the delivery, the motivations, or the end goals of his words, but the concepts match reality and for that, we have to give kudos to him for speaking out against “his” people. Here’s the video:

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