Obama and the Islamic State

Even TIME Magazine Points Out that Obama Blames Everyone Else for ISIS

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The Islamic State is nimble. The Islamic State is aggressive. The Islamic State is opportunistic. So far, so good – at this point in the speech we don’t disagree with any of the attributes that President Obama declared the Islamic State had when he addressed the world in a press conference following the G-7 summit in Germany. He then started dishing out blame and we agreed with those assessments as well… up to a point.

Iraq is to blame. Turkey is to blame. The Pentagon is to blame. He pointed to the three entities whose action or lack of action have allowed the Islamic State to spread throughout the Middle East and other regions of the world. Then, we waited. He has to say it, right? After painting a very clear and learned picture of the situation, there was only one more finger to point. This is it… he’s about to demonstrate humility and mention the shortcomings that his administration has demonstrated from the beginning of the situation with the Islamic State.

We waited. It never came. Within his long list of observations and accusations, he never took an ounce of blame for what has happened and what continues to happen. Even liberal mainstream media publication TIME couldn’t help but recognize the omission. Some might say that mentioning the Pentagon means that he pointed fingers at himself, but he has been very clear about his administration’s separation from the Pentagon. He even had VP Joe Biden do damage control when his appointed Secretary of Defense Ash Carter rightfully accuses the Iraqi military of fading too early from conflicts.

The rise of ISIS is a direct result of the actions of President George W. Bush from its inception, but President Obama has made it worse. The breakthrough moment for ISIS was when the United States handed over the reins to an ill-prepared Iraqi government. Their continued success and tremendous influence in the region is attributed to his administration’s choices as well as inaction by Turkey.

This should have been handled last year. Technically, it should never have become so prominent in the first place. The fact that President Obama is unwilling to accept an ounce of responsibility for something that he’s allowed so readily is an example of utter incompetence, his desire to build a legacy even if it means hurting the country and allowing people to die on his behalf in the Middle East, or an ideological failure indicative of the thought processes of liberals.

Here’s what TIME had to say:

Reading between the lines, he also suggested that responsibility for the poor showing thus far can be blamed on the Pentagon, Iraq and Turkey—but not him or his White House staff. It was a deft example of blame-shifting that also has the consequence of relegating the presidency to the status of an also-ran.

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