John Kasich Drop Out

Everyone is Calling on Rubio to Drop, but Kasich hasn’t Won a State. Both Must Go.

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The media isn’t being unfair to Marco Rubio. They are, however, being way too forgiving of John Kasich. Both of them have failed to do anything that should inspire us to make them the GOP nominee for President whether there’s a contested convention or not. Both need to drop out or be forced to drop out by the voters who choose one of the two viable candidates.

What’s even more striking about Kasich’s situation is that despite the horrible Super Tuesday 2 that Rubio had, Kasich had one job: come in 1st or 2nd in Michigan ahead of the Ohio primary. Instead, he came in 3rd. His campaign has failed much worse than Rubio’s and that’s saying a lot.

Now, we’re hearing that Kasich didn’t even get enough signatures for the Pennsylvania ballot. We’re talking about a state that is ideologically and political similar to Ohio in the same region and he has to beg the court to bend the rules for him.

As badly as Marco Rubio needs to get out and stop playing spoiler for Donald Trump’s benefit, it’s John Kasich who should have been out long ago. He had his glory day of coming in second in a few states. Well done. Now go away and let the big boys duke it out.

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