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Finger Pointing Hits Home as Iraqis Blamed for Iraq Loses

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In a perfect example of “we did out part, you do your part,” the Pentagon started pointing fingers at Iraq for not being able to defend itself properly after being propelled into a bad situation by the Bush administration and a worse situation by the Obama administration. Next up: finger pointing between the two administrations about whose fault it really is that Iraq is falling to the Islamic State.

For now, the attention is being placed on Iraqi forces who, for whatever reason, seem to be denying their advantage of numbers are are crumbling at the first sight of Islamic State advances. This is why Ramadi fell in the first place, according to the Pentagon. However, the counter argument is that the Pentagon and most military officials familiar with the Middle East were against a complete US pullout that the Obama administration mandated.

The question then becomes, “Which is it?” Did we abandon them when they were unprepared or were they prepared but failing now? It can’t be both, so the Pentagon needs to get its stories straight. If we knew they were unprepared, then we shouldn’t have left. If they were prepared but are failing now, then why did we declare that they were unprepared when we left?

“What apparently happened was the Iraqi forces showed no will to fight. They were not outnumbered, and they vastly outnumbered the opposing force, and they failed to fight and withdrew from the site,” Pentagon chief Ashton Carter told CNN.

“That says to me, and I think to most of us, that we have an issue with the will of the Iraqis to fight ISIL and defend themselves,” he said, using an alternative name for the group.

This falls squarely on the two truths that are becoming crystal clear in regards to the blunders of the last two administrations. Bush shouldn’t have brought us in and Obama shouldn’t have taken us out. We’ve taken a bad situation in Iraq under Saddam Hussein and we’ve translated it into the worst possible situation, giving the country over to a radical Islamic militant group bent on a caliphate and desiring to destroy peace, the United States, and Israel.

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