France Saves the Day in Iran Nuclear Deal

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French foreign minister Laurent Fabius

Who would’a thunk it? Of all of the nations at the negotiating table discussing easing sanctions on Iran, France would not have been my first guess to be the one that would derail the talks because the curbing of Iran’s nuclear program weren’t tough enough. They wouldn’t have been my second, third, or fourth choice, either.

They were, however, the ones who kept the United Nations 5+1 from bailing out and catering to the Iranians in an effort to be monumental. That’s what it would have been had the deal gone through – they just wanted to be part of something big and they were all willing to drop their pants for the sake of their own place in history. The only country with guts was France.

French foreign minister Laurent Fabius is officially my favorite European. He’s probably Israel’s favorite as well.

According to Fox News:

Fabius said there were “several points” in the initial deal with which his country is not satisfied and told France-Inter Radio France does not want to be part of a “con game.”

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