Further Proof that the Republican Establishment is Stupid: Romney Can’t Win in an #OccupyAmerica Atmosphere

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Mitt Romney Cash

It’s been made very clear that the Republican Establishment does not want Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, or Rick Santorum to win. They do not believe that any of them have a chance of winning against President Obama in November and have decided to back Mitt Romney as the moderate choice in hopes of not blowing another election.

Wins tonight for Santorum haven’t changed that. You can see already hear the media downplaying these wins as “beauty contests” and “glorified straw polls”. The same media said the Iowa caucus was a big win for Romney, then changed tunes once Santorum was declared the winner, dubbing the Iowa caucus as an afterthought. The reason: the Republican Establishment doesn’t want someone like Santorum going into November.

Their choices have been failing for decades. The same thinking put John McCain up against Obama 4 years ago. It put George W. Bush in office for 8 years because of weak opponents rather than because of strong leadership (Al Gore would have won had he taken a shot in 2004 instead of John Kerry – he peaked too late to win 2000).

The Republican Establishment put Bob Dole up against Bill Clinton in 1996. George H.W. Bush was not their choice but they didn’t have a choice in the matter. In 1980, Ronald Reagan was not their choice and is arguably the last effective Republican President despite going against what the Republican Establishment believed.

Who are these people? Are they really so against their own party that they are willing to push their hand-picked candidate into a position of failure every 4 years?

Apparently, yes.

Mitt Romney has two major problems as a candidate. He has proven to be a shrewd business person. 20 years ago, even a decade ago, this was a good quality. In today’s atmosphere, it would be easier to get a Washington insider elected than a Wall Street insider, which is exactly how people view Romney.

His taxes aren’t helping, raising new questions about his use of offshore tax shelters.

Moderates have always had a hard time winning. George W. Bush was the exception, but for a reason. In 2000, he sounded like a true conservative. On foreign affairs, he was. Had there not been a war on terror, his failed, moderate fiscal policies would have tanked his chances of re-election. John Kerry was too weak and the American people were too scared to make a change.

Today, they’re not too scared to make a change, but they will not change to someone who is perceived to be on the wrong side. Barack Obama is a “roll up your sleeves” kind of President and while his policies have not yielded as much fruit as most expected, the people would rather give him the opportunity to continue in his direction rather than hand the country over to someone they simply cannot trust.

People on both extreme sides of the fence are fighting with Obama. The Tea Party hates his policies. The Occupy Movement doesn’t believe he’s liberal enough. For all of the negatives that have hit the country the last 12 years, the moderates are still going to choose to stay the course with Obama in November if the other choice is Romney.

The Republican Establishment has been wrong about candidates for decades, but they’ve never been this wrong. Any of the other 3 GOP candidates would have a better shot against Obama in November than Romney. What the other 3 candidates failed to capitalize on is the very thing that Obama’s team will highlight over and over (and over) again, that Romney is in an elite class and has no connection with the majority of America on any level.

We haven’t heard it much during the campaigns by the GOP, but Obama will hammer one thing into people: Mitt Romney can casually offer to bet what equates to 3-months wages for the average American. $10,000. It’s chump change to Mitt Romney, making Romney the chump in the #OccupyAmerica atmosphere that we’re in. It doesn’t ring well for conservatives, liberals hate it, and moderates will be turned off completely by it.

If nominated, that one moment will be enough to put Obama in the White House until 2016.


  1. Linktochaos

    It’s true, GOP is going to get owned by Obama.

    But I don’t know what worse, the bs Obama will do in his lame duck session or letting the republicans sell more of our jobs to china without lifting a finger.

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  3. Juan Reynoso

    Wake up America, Ron Paul is our only hope to restore honesty in Washington. We are in this economic mess because Washington culture of corruption and the Main Stream News Media that fail to report the truth to the American people. We elected the politicians to office to represent us the people, but they betray us and passed legislation that destroy our manufacturing our small farming, small retail stores and small business; they destroy our economic base and millions of jobs, they promoted the invasion of illegal aliens and call them immigrants that are in our country to contribute to our economic, but we know the truth they are here to take our jobs and decrease our wages and on top of all this they made laws that force us to pay for the economic and welfare of the illegal aliens. fellow Americans Washington represent big business, the multinational corporations and wall street. The GOP establishment and the Democrats are the same they don’t want Ron Paul because he will not sell out and will restore honesty in our government, this corrupt government do not want any change in Washington they trashed our Constitution because they claim that is old and outdated, our US Supreme court had become a political institution that use their power to support their ideology not our constitution, they are too responsible for the demise of what it use to be our America. Fellow Americans we must shake up Washington, on November we must vote for Rom Paul and not any one else, if Dr. Paul it is not nominate by the GOP we must vote for a third party. If Obama is elected again, it will be because the GOP fail to stand for America. Ron Paul is our last hope to restore America, because Americans will only be united by an honest leader.
    God bless America. I pray to our lord to give us the wisdom to work in harmony to restore our constitution and our country.
    Posted by Juan Reynoso- teapartyoftx@gmail.com

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