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Gingrich: “I like where we are now”

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Gingrich Think

One of the most asinine attacks currently being levied upon Newt Gingrich is that he is not a true conservative. It’s a desperate move by his GOP competitors, Mitt Romney in particular, as way to try to derail the momentum he has been building up the last couple of weeks ahead of the Iowa caucus.

As he points out while answering questions in Iowa, he has had a 90% American Conservative Union voting record for two decades. It’s a record that few in his party can claim and one that clearly tips his conservative hand when it come to policy. Trying to deny this is, as Gingrich puts it, a lie.

When asked about the polls that are showing him behind President Obama in a head-to-head race, Gingrich reminds us that Ronald Reagan was in a similar position against Jimmy Carter in 1979 and that “I like where we are now.”

Here’s the video from CBS News:

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