Government Shutdown Didn’t Kill Economy

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It was guaranteed. The Republicans destroyed the economy last month with the government shutdown. That’s what we were told would happen. Fortunately, it didn’t kill much. In fact, the numbers are much better than expected.

What effect did the government shutdown really have? It gave us something to gripe about. It pointed to the partisan nature of the way the country is run. It put the democrats in a bad light over decisions they made about what to shut down and what to keep up and running. It put the republicans in a worse light because they were to blame for tanking the economy…

…except it didn’t tank.

According to the LA Times:

Despite forecasts that job growth would be sapped by the budget impasse and government shutdown, employers in the U.S. stepped up their hiring last month by adding 204,000 new jobs across a wide spectrum of industries.

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