Gun Focus is Distracting the Country from the Underlying Problem

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The discussion has been predictable. Ever since the Sandy Hook shootings, the media, the government, and people around the world have focused the various debates around guns. The circumstances surrounding this and other shootings over the past couple of decades across America have been heart-wrenching. The victims and their families get some of the attention, but what really seems to interest society is the driving force behind the madness (why would anyone do that?) and the accessibility of the tools of death represented by assault rifles, sniper rifles, and even handguns.

Why is there so little focus on the deterioration of moral values? Why are so few even considering the possibility that society is turning their faith away from God and towards the “science” of psychology and that this shift may be the root of so many of the bad things that seem to be taking over the world around us?

Guns have been available to American citizens since the dawn of the country. Murderers have been around since Cain slew Abel. Sick and evil people have done sick and evil things in the past and will continue in the future.

Are guns really the problem? Keep in mind, I am not a card-toting member of the NRA. I do not own a gun, though I have rented guns at the range from time to time. My perspective is not necessarily centered around whether or not certain types of guns should be banned. My perspective comes from a fear that the deterioration of the country’s moral compass, the decline in the number of true Christians and Jews, and the reliance on psychotropic drugs as well as pseudo-sciences that dominate the mental health arena have done more to contribute to the perceived rise in baseless killings over the past two decades than any gun laws (or lack thereof) could ever remedy.

The perspectives of both the NRA and the current administration clash, but neither are right. Guns may or may not be a part of the problem. Guns may or may not be a part of the solution. That doesn’t really matter. What matters is that the greater part of the problems (and the real solutions) have nothing to do with gun laws. The underlying problem in America and around the world is that God is not being feared, His word is not being respected, and the path of distraction that we continuously choose to follow is leading us further away from the answers.

Instead of asking how guns can be kept out of the hands of people like Adam Lanza, we should be asking what could have been done to prevent Adam Lanza from wanting the guns in the first place.

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