As Hard as this is to Say, it’s NOT Obama’s Fault

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Barack Obama Disappointment

For the last few years, we’ve been amongst the masses of bloggers who have been blaming President Barack Obama for the reduction of freedoms, the increase in government control over citizens, and the poor policies that are leading the country and the world to the brink of economic collapse. We’re rescinding all of that now. We believe the president is actually just a pawn being moved into place along with so many others around the world.

Simply stated, he’s just not powerful enough to have made things this bad this quickly without help.

As a country and a planet, we are moving towards oblivion. Those who would deny it aren’t paying enough attention or simply have blinders of complacency covering their eyes. Unfortunately, many who do believe the facts are handling them incorrectly, focusing a poor light on the activities through embarrassing claims and despicable actions. We are on a trajectory for political, economic, and military upheavals and it seems as if so few have any idea.

Here are a couple of examples that demonstrate each. In the first video, we’ll see a pretty good description of the challenges that is marred by an inaccurate and sensational title. We are heading away from personal liberties, that much is certain, but this is not Obama’s martial law. Again, he’s just a pawn.

In the second video, we see a better job done at portraying the current predicament.

Things aren’t good. It’s not time to point fingers at individuals, even the President of the United States. If you still think he’s the problem, you may want to think back to the previous three administrations who did their own parts in making this happen. Obama is president during the culmination, but this has actually been going on for decades.

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