Transgender Question

Here’s a Good Question About Gender Identity

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One of the biggest arguments used by liberals to defend their believe in transgenderism (or any other gender they want to assign to people) is that it’s the right of the individual to identify any way they want. In reality, this is absolutely true and should be defended from a conservative perspective of rights, though not justified as a way to pervert or put at a disadvantage anyone else. In other words, you can identify as a girl all you want if you’re a guy, but you still shouldn’t be allowed in the women’s restroom or to compete against girls in sports.

Staying true to the pseudo-conservative argument that liberals are using, The Federalist asks an interesting question.

It’s subtle, but it’s real. It fits the criteria of what liberals use when describing why transgenders should be allowed to self-identify. What’s wrong with people self-identifying with other habits such as eating?

Important note: This is not at all intended to be a defense of anorexia or other eating disorders. It’s simply to point out how the arguments from the left dissolve once seen through a lens of logic and reality.

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