Tanks in Eastern Europe

If We Send Tanks to Europe, It’s a Message to Europeans

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There may be something to the concept that sending tanks and other heavy weapons to Europe is intended to be a message to Vladimir Putin as many journalists are saying. Of course, the only reason it’s a possibility is because the Obama administration has a tendency to make poor decisions on foreign relations.

The reality is that this is a message being sent to those who are starting to worry about Russia, namely the European countries who were once part of the USSR. It’s a message for eastern Europeans, not for Russia. It tells them that we’re serious about protecting them and making sure that Russia doesn’t sweep through taking land the way they’re interfering in Ukraine or how they annexed Crimea.

According to Buzzitt:

When a government moves troops or missiles into an area, the message is designed to provoke fear. If the United States wanted to send the message to Russia, that’s what they would have done. When you want to invoke confidence of the people, you send tanks and heavy weapons. That’s why this particular message was meant for the European countries who may be starting to fear the same type of fate the befell Crimea and that’s engulfing Ukraine.

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