If Illegal Immigrants Are Just ‘Undocumented Immigrants’, Are Drug Dealers Just ‘Unlicensed Pharmacists’?

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Unlicensed Pharmacist

It’s a fair question. Schools across the state of California are starting to adopt student body legislation banning the use of the term “illegal immigrant”. The reason at UC Berkeley, the latest to do so, is this:

“The ‘I’ word is legally inaccurate since being out of status is a civil rather than criminal infraction.”

That is not correct. It is illegal to come into the country without going through the proper channels. That’s all there is to it. To say that it is not a criminal infraction is false because it is too broad of a statement. Are there undocumented immigrants that are here without having committed a crime? Absolutely. Does that mean there are no illegal immigrants? No.

There are immigrants that are here illegally. They broke the law. They have done damage to the citizens and legal immigrants of the United States by participating in a system that hurts people. If they get hurt, their homeland does not cover their medical expenses. If they are incarcerated, their homeland does not cover the legal expenses. If they hurt or kill someone, they do so because the liberal agenda needs them in order to continue to win elections.

To say that illegal immigrants are simply “foreign nationals” or “undocumented immigrants” as the Berkeley resolution states is like calling drug dealers “unlicensed pharmacists”. After all, many immigrants are legal just as many prescribe marijuana legally. Many illegal immigrants are victims of circumstance just as many drug dealers are victims of circumstance. Many illegal immigrants contribute to American society. Many drug dealers do the same. If we’re going to be kind to some who broke a law, shouldn’t we be kind to everyone who broke a law?

According to The College Fix:

Student Sen. Wendy Pacheco said it was not just symbolic, but aimed to shift how people see their “fellow human beings,” that it’s not OK for someone to feel comfortable calling another “illegal,” while student Sen. Sean Tan said discouraging the word will help ease the negative psychological harm undocumented students face by the label.

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