Unaccompanied Children Crossing Border

Illegal Immigration Surge Shows that President Obama is His Own Worst Enemy

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In June, 2014, President Obama made a heartfelt plea to inform families south of the border that sending their children on the journey to illegally cross into the United States was too dangerous. Since then, he’s done everything he can to encourage people to illegally cross the southern border and the sad results show that it’s working with more than twice as many children being sent than just a year ago.

106% more unaccompanied minors have been apprehended between October 1 and November 30 this year than last year. This is because his message has consistently been that if you can get across the border, you won’t be sent back. This message is, of course, contrary to the statement he made in June, 2014.

“These children are some of the most vulnerable, and many become victims of violent crime or sexual abuse along the dangerous journey.”

If his goal was to use this statement to scare people from sending their children, it clearly didn’t work. Things are worse now than they were before and it’s all because his immigration policy is so obtuse, so inviting, that parents would rather risk having their children raped or killed rather than risk the window of opportunity that the President has opened.

It isn’t just unaccompanied minors. Families with children crossing over has increased 173% in the same time period.

What the President fails to understand is that his party’s goal of infusing the population¬†with illegal immigrants that they can some day turn into grateful Democratic voters is dangerous for every single party involved. It’s dangerous for the immigrants, of course, because the journey is seething with peril. It’s dangerous for Americans like Kate Steinle who can fall victim to illegal immigrants that embrace the Obama doctrine. It’s even dangerous for the President’s party itself who run the risk of alienating actual citizens for the sake of their immigrant voter influx.

If President Obama truly wanted to protect those who are most hurt during their treks, he would send a loud and clear message to everyone south of the border that illegal immigration will not be tolerated, let alone rewarded. Unfortunately, that would be a political faux pas for his party so he’d rather let them continue to suffer. The question we have to ask: is he really his own worst enemy in this situation or does he just not care for the lives he’s ruining? There’s really no other valid option when it comes to this issue.

Even if we put aside the risks of terrorism and the economic impact, this is still a terrible thing. It’s a shame that the administration is willing to use politics to harm thousands of children based upon lies and a stroke of Obama’s pen. The children that are raped or murdered as a result are the real victims of the President’s inhumane actions.

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