In #IStandWithAhmed, the Media is Willfully and Gleefully Duped

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One of the most biggest challenges with being a thoughtful conservative (as compared to the ignorant conservatives) is that it’s challenging for us to understand how Democrats, mainstream media, and the majority of corporate America can allow themselves to be conned so easily. What we don’t understand is that they aren’t worried about truth versus lies. They’re worried about ideological talking points that match their own regardless of the facts.

It looks like it could be a bomb. It doesn’t look like something that any sane human would call a clock. That’s the short and simple explanation of what triggered the situation in Irving, Texas, when Ahmed Mohamed brought his “clock” to school. This was very clearly a measure to get attention. Whether it was intended as a practical joke, a political statement by the boy, a manipulation by his father, or some other nefarious act, there should be very little doubt in anyone’s mind that this is anything other than an attempt to achieve someone’s agenda.

First, there’s the compelling rumor that the clock he “built” is actually a deconstructed clock from Radio Shack that was taken from its perfectly normal structure and placed suspiciously in a way that could be very easily construed as a bomb.

Then, there are the strange circumstances surrounding the way this all went down.

Whether you believe that this is something intended to spark outrage across America, a practical joke to get attention for a 14-year-old kid, or something in between, what any thinking person cannot conclude is that this was a product of an innocent invention that was supposed to simply be a kid who cleverly engineered a clock from raw materials and brought it to school to show off his ingenuity.

Let’s bring it all back to the original premise. What’s important to note here is that the three parties I’m mentioned are the usual suspects. It’s the cast of characters themselves that are important.

  1. Democrats: It’s very conspicuous that the President of the United States is chiming in on this one. He’s the ultimate flame fanning politicians, better than any in recent history, and he’s paid more immediate attention to this occurrence to fuel racism than he initially paid to the Benghazi incident.
  2. Mainstream Media: For those who believe that there’s a left-wing conspiracy to control the messaging of the media, this is the only example you need. Where’s the investigative journalism? Why is the media treating this as if he’s some genius who built a clock from chewing gum and paper clips? Why has nobody in mainstream media pointed out what’s very obvious to those who are paying attention, that his kid’s “clock” is politically and ideologically motivated?
  3. Corporate America: The list of companies supporting, inviting, and sending this kid gifts is too long to list. He doesn’t have to be a Christian to celebrate Christmas because he’s being being treated like a victim of racism rather than an instigator of turmoil.

The Democrats and corporate America are actually quite acceptable on this list. They’re supposed to be biased, to attach themselves to the things that promote their agendas. It’s part of the strategy whether anyone likes us or not. The media has no excuse. They aren’t supposed to be biased. Sure, they’re supposed to follow the juicy stories, but this is one of those juicy stories that should have yielded a shift in perceptions by now. In other words, someone should have already latched onto the bigger story. It’s not the alleged bigotry that should be the headline. It’s the duping. It’s the clarity that this clock would be seen as a possible bomb if shown to anyone who was unfamiliar with the story. It’s the reputable allegation that he didn’t build anything but rather took apart a working clock and turned it into a fake bomb.

In the past, this story would have played out like that. Mainstream media would have jumped on the bigotry angle as they did, but they would have shifted by now to the reality and exposed their competitors for continuing to be duped while they expose the truth. That’s the playbook for mainstream media… at least it was until recently. Today, mainstream media has shifted towards ignoring the truth in favor of the progressive angle, the liberal storyline that they want played out on their pages and programs.

This is the most dangerous news about the news that has come out in a while. It’s a subtle shift, but one that must be noted by any thoughtful American.

America is becoming easier and easier to manipulate. The obvious is being lost on the oblivious. The fact that this kid is being labeled as a victim of bigotry is just another sign that things are falling apart. We need change desperately. God help us all.

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