Is Iran’s Nuclear Program Targeting the US?

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Iran Nuclear Program

Despite protestations by both Iran and some in the United States, the majority of Americans believe that the Middle East country is building their nuclear program for the sake of creating weapons. This is likely the case. However, where most Americans likely get the situation wrong is with the target. Most assume that Israel would be the victim of a nuclear Iran, but there is growing concern that the United States would actually be the recipient of a nuclear attack from Iran.

To their leaders, the United States is the “Big Satan”. Israel is the “Little Satan”. Their primary goal is not the destruction of Israel but rather the consolidation of power in the Muslim world with a major secondary goal of destroying the sinful western way of life represented most heavily by America. Destruction of Israel is something that they want, but it’s not their biggest challenge. If they can eliminate their foes in the Muslim world and prevent America from interfering, Iran believes that the destruction of Israel will be easy.

It isn’t in the ability to launch nuclear missiles that will make Iran such a threat. That is actually more challenging than most understand. What is easier is to utilize the open-door policy at the southern border of the United States to smuggle in portable nuclear weapons to be detonated in the country. It is a more likely scenario than trying to breach Israel’s defenses through missile attack and it is more difficult to smuggle into Israel than it is to smuggle into the United States.

In the video below, Gary Stearman and Yoram Ettinger discuss this scenario and the reasons why Americans should be more concerned about Iran than even the Israelis.

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