Is Our Pitiful Effort in Foreign Relations Due to Obama or is it Something Systemic

Is Our Pitiful Effort in Foreign Relations Due to Obama or is it Something Systemic?

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It’s not a secret that we’re very critical of the President. We believe that he has done very little good and a whole lot of bad. We even regret being thankful that he was able to beat Hillary Clinton in 2008. In retrospect, he may have been the worse of two evils (though we’re hoping we won’t find out first hand with the 2016 elections).

With all of the bad things we can say about President Obama and his administrations horrendous foreign relations record, we have to start asking whether or not this is by design, due to incompetence, or if there’s something wrong with the system that we simply don’t know. The thing that made us start asking questions is the recent revelation of how pitifully we were attempting to help moderate rebels in Syria.

As many news agencies are reporting, the efforts have been very small. It seems as if red tape is in the way, but that’s on the surface. If we dig deeper, we may not like what we find. Is it possible that America isn’t holding back out of ignorance and incompetence from leadership but that it’s actually holding back because we don’t have much to give?

For example, “trusted commanders” were vetted by the CIA and offered help in their plight to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as well as to keep al Qaeda and/or the Islamic State from seizing control. The “help” offered by the CIA amounted to very little. As the Wall Street Journal reports:

Some weapons shipments were so small that commanders had to ration ammunition. One of the U.S.’s favorite trusted commanders got the equivalent of 16 bullets a month per fighter. Rebel leaders were told they had to hand over old antitank missile launchers to get new ones—and couldn’t get shells for captured tanks. When they appealed last summer for ammo to battle fighters linked to al Qaeda, the U.S. said no.

Are we actually so low on our own supplies that we cannot give them enough to make a difference? Are we too spread thin across the world? Is the CIA budget too small? Is the administration getting in the way? These are questions that, for now, seem to have no logical answer.

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