ISIS Kills Coptic Christians

Why is ISIS Still Being Underestimated?

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Let’s just state this as a fact (since nobody else seems to be saying it): ISIS, their supporters, and everything they represent is the biggest threat to freedom across the world, even in the United States. Sunday’s execution of 21 Coptic Christians is just another example of this reality.

We’ve been told that they’re contained. We were led to believe at one point that they were the “junior varsity”. They’ve been declared as not being affiliated with al Qaeda because they were simply too radical. They recruit people from around the world who are angry, disenfranchised, and mentally weak enough to be influenced into joining them. They have no borders other than what they create. They have no established form of organization that can be taken out. The Islamic State is the wildcard element of the world that can bring about calamity in any city at any time and there is very little being done to stop them.

From politicians around the world, we hear rhetoric. Everyone’s always outraged. Everyone’s giving speeches and condemning them. There are even a few leaders who are going so far as to drop some bombs on them occasionally. None of it is effective.

The Islamic State can only be dismantled with a full-fledged effort from the rest of the world. They are not the junior varsity. Their lack of a perceived organization is a strength in the way they wield it, not a weakness as most would have us believe. Every victory brings more recruits. They have such an incredible grasp on the power of social media and mainstream media manipulation that they even put the Democratic Party to shame with their skills.

They are well-funded, probably better so than the estimates of millions of dollars of revenue per day they receive. They have access to modern technology, American weapons, and the secret support of countless of Islamic countries and organizations.

As hard as it is to accept, they have the support of a good chunk of the Muslim world. That’s not to say that Muslims in general support their ways or their agenda, but if (when?) they establish a foothold that is publicly known in the vast reaches of the world, many millions of Muslims will support them for different reasons: fear, gratitude, admiration, just to name a few. The vast majority of Muslims want peace, but if the path to peace comes through support of the Islamic State, then a good portion of them would rather live as the revered people rather than join the opposition to condemn the methods through which they achieve their domination.

This isn’t al Qaeda. It’s not a remnant of Osama bin Laden. This isn’t Saddam Hussein, Palestine, or a Muslim coalition. ISIS represents the greatest single threat to the world. Their rise has been so fast, so unprecedented, and so unlikely that most are still having a hard time believing that what we see happening is actually happening. If it’s not stopped decisively very soon, we will no longer have the ability to do so.

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